Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rising from Blogging Hiatus! (dyaran!)

I'm sorry, but I am really having a hard time maintaining my blogsite because of work and all the post-work lifestyle activities I am into - like going to the gym, jogging, running, dancing, playing basketball, swimming, etc. With all these creative outlets that are more physically healthy and engaging, my time for blogging and writing has suffered. Hmmmkei...they're all lies. Well, I try to jog once in a while. I used to do it every other day, but because of my new schedule at work, jogging before or after work has become quite impossible (ikaw na ang mag jog before 2am and after 11am, sige...hehe) I know I need to further enhance (naks) my writing and communication skills, but bottomline is, that is what I do at work, right? I checked back the date on my last post in my blog. Wow - more than two months ago! This is the longest time I have been away from blogging. Well, what happened wasn't really a self-imposed blogging hiatus. I just got tired. That was just it. Lazy. As usual.

But I'm back now!


Na miss ko ang site ko. It has been more than a year since I moved in Blogger. I forgot to greet my bloggie a happy anniversary. I am sorry, my bloggie. I failed to give you enough time and attention - for I was also busy looking for an equal time and attention. Woohaha, here I go again, doing another emoish-litany-blahness. I am sorry.

Certainly, I cannot live without connecting to the internet each day. Hmmmkei...I really can, but so long as I have access to the web, alam na! As a vital part of my urban lifestyle, this is the place where I get updates from the world. It only sucks that I get to find even the ones that I am not really interested with - to the point that I almost know, though againsts my will, what's going on in other people's "personal" lives.

Raffy says:

Screw you jerks, I don't care! I have my own problems too, yah know, so stop flooding my wall with all your nonsense!!!

Hahaha! XD

But I am guilty. At some point, I unconsciously(?) sent feeds of what I was doing and what I felt, especially when I were emotionally affected with whatever happened recently, without really thinking what others might think of them (or me). @_@ Not that I intend to increase my web presence and make others aware of my existence, just like what others really do. Some, let me say, errr, attention-deprived individuals, literally flood online-networking sites with messages like they own FB and its copyrights and that no one cares. Arrggh. So much for the freedom of expression.

And here's another thing I do not really get...why do some people "like" their own FB status??? One posts a message that says, "I am happy!", and just below it you see his/her username "liking" his/her own message. Redundant is not the word to describe it. I am sorry, but I really find it very stupid. You won't post it on your wall if you don't like it, will you? I have some friends who do that - it
is stupid, but what can I do? They're my friends, hahaha. XD

So much for today. I'm really happy to write my first entry for this year, hoooray! Yeahbah!!! Oh, I remember writing something about Villar and his crappiness in FB some weeks ago.


Wala lang. Teee heee! XD You get your own space in FB for your stupid status, so let me have mine. Afterall, this is my space you are looking at. Haha. XD Sige na nga, di ko na papansinin ang statuses nyo. Live and let live.



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