Friday, December 31, 2010

Dear 2010...Goodbye! XD [and I really feel happy to be finally saying goodbye to you] [Happy New Year!] [Insert-another-title-here..XD]

While to some the end of the year is more appropriate for a retrospective (reminiscing-the-best-of-the-past-shitness-oo-na-kayo-na-ang-masaya-at-maraming-achievement-blah-hindi-ako-bitter-ha-hehehe), it is best, for me, to just let everything that happened this year go. My life has been kinda unpleasant (I was about to type shitty) in the past 2 years, and I sure don't want to drag all those negative vibes along with me in 2011, so I'll just let the negavibes go (before this blog gets too depressing for anyone to read).  (The word negavibe doesn't exist.  I just invented it, ok.)

(Now, I'm getting too comfortable {again} using parenthesis that I'm forgetting to type outside it).  (This is becoming habitual). (Cure me, please).

No matter how unpleasant the year was, as they say, "past is past", and I don't want to wallow in it.  Much like reading a book, turn the page when it's over!  I know life is far more complicated than reading a book, hmmmkei, but that's the best analogy I can think of at the moment (bite me).  Mistakes don't really matter, and what's important are the lessons learned - which must all be kept. You know, like a journal that one can go back to and read for self-help in case something unlikable comes up in the future. No advice beats one's own experiences.

So, as the year 2010 ends (yeabah), I want to sit down and put into writing what I learned this year. Let me share it with you:
  • Goals without action are called, errrr, fantasies.
  • The best way to get something done is to begin doing it.
  • Depression is different from dissatisfaction.
  • Whining about your misfortunes and feeling sorry for yourself will get you nowhere.
  • When you reach the bottom, learn to pull yourself up.  Otherwise, you'll just go sideways.
  • Life is unfair no matter where angle you regard it from.  Quit whining and deal with it.
  • Know what you want and be happy when you get it.  Contentment is the key to being happy.
  • Don't expect things that you're not willing to work for because you'll only get disappointed.
  • In choosing the right job/career, your heart has to really be in it.  It can't just be about money.
  • And when you get the job you want - keep it!  2 million Filipinos (or close to that number) are jobless, and they're out to get yours.
  • Knowing your weakness and acknowledging it will help you make yourself better.
  • Health is wealth. (dyan mo katulong ang bearbrand).
  • Say what you need to say and do what needs to be done.  Procrastination is evil.
  • Walk your talk!
  • It's not safe to assume that the people you like like you.
  • It's never safe to judge people by their appearance.
  • You make your own bed.  Make it comfortable.
  • Harsh words drill deeper in heads.
  • Depression is destructive.  Get a shrink if you must.
  • Interacting with fellow bloggers can be fun.
  • Mas maraming nagbabasa sa blog ko pag Filipino ang medium. (proven).
  • Karamihan ng nasa Followers sa gilid eh hindi nagcocomment (prove me wrong, com'on).
  • At yung mga wala sa Followers ang madalas magcomment (salamat sa inyo!)

So, there.  This will be the last post for 2010 (unless something super-extraordinary happens in the next hours before new year's eve), and I bid everyone a Happy New Year! XD  Huwag magpapaputok sa loob, sa labas lang! Teee heee heee. XD

Byerts 2010! XD


gillboard said...

ganda ng mga learnings mo. sana madala mo yan at magawa sa 2011.

Happy New Year!!!

thegreatmaldito said...

ayan....matanda ka na talaga kasi ang dami mo nang wisdom....ahahahhahaa..bleh.

gayan naman parati..kung sino ang wala sa blogroll/follower mo yun ang parating nagcocoment...parang ako..

wala bang late pamasko diyan?ahahahahhaa

took note of those learning...i need to apply it sa buhay ko kasi para na akong damong ligaw...harharhar

Raffy said...

@gibo - thanks, I sure will. happy new year! XD

@maldito - madami na nga rin akong uban eh, hehe. salamat sa madalas na pagdalaw dito. pamasko, baka christmas after next christmas (nyahaha, tagal pa nun). Happy new year! XD

nyabach0i said...

In choosing the right job/career, your heart has to really be in it. It can't just be about money. - sana nalaman ko to kagad. kasi napakatotoo nito. tamo ako, araw araw pinipilit pumasok!! haaay. ehehe.

Raffy said...

hahaha - nararamdaman ko ang problema mo, napakahirap kaya nyang dilemma na yan. pero teka, ayaw mo sa Hongkong Shanghai Bangkok China (yan ang meaning nung abbreviation diba)? Last year pa ako nagresign dun, pero parang gusto kong bumalik - narealize ko kasi nandun ang puso ko (nyahahaha - actually pera din ang dahilan. kung nasaan ang pera nandun ang puso ko, haha.) XD


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