Tuesday, September 28, 2010

May it rest in peace

My ideology of using gadgets, tools, and other personal things is quite simple - use them until they die, or until they fall apart, or until they fail you, or until they hurt you and let you fall.

Well last night, past midnight, I fell... and it hurt!

Waaaah...puta...my swivel chair, my executive leather swivel chair!!!

I have had this for a year and a half only.  Pfft.  Now I realized how important the how-to-use-instructions are.  Well actually I didn't see it.  The effing warning sign, which I only saw last night hiding underneath the chair, says "Do not use this product on slippery hard floor, like a tile sureface, for example."  I knew it, dang!  I thought my chair wouldn't mind being used on a tiled floor.  So much for its price.

Pota...bawal daw sa tiled floor.  Demmet.

I should have placed a mat under the chair.  But, to be honest, I really don't know who to blame - my weight, or the tiled floor.  Maybe I really should lose weight. @_@

The chair was P3,299 from SM South Mall appliance center.    I remember the number because the tag was only removed last month.  Pfft.  Getting a replacement now is not possible.  Puta wala pa akong pera! 

I need my comfortable chair since I'm in front of the computer again most of the time. I kinda shoooed away from the web for a little while when I was busy with oil painting. But since my limited financial ability (which has actually gone to zero now) couldn't buy me both food and oil paint, I decided to stop my oil painting, temporarily. I don't know when I can go back to painting. (So there went my fantasy of oil painting exhibit and stardom in December). Pfft. Now that I don't have money, things around me are starting to fall apart, one by one - literally. First was my electric fan (which I managed to fix - yeah I know how to fix its wirings - thanks to my dad). Then my 2 cellphones which have been both acting up lately. And now my swivel chair! (What am I gonna do with the leather?  Make a jacket?) So here I am, sitting on a monoblock chair.  How's that. Gawd!

Tonight's prayer: "I willingly surrender the soul of my executive leather swivel chair. I'm giving it back to you. But please, spare my computer."

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Letters from the past

I rummaged my cabinet last night in search of my old college engineering books. It was surprising that I don't understand a thing now in Thermodynamics.  That was one of my favorite subjects.  Well, i tried to do a quick review and dang, I am jacked!  Looks like the 4 years I spent in college had gone to waste. Pffft. But that's not what I want to write about today.

But this.... 
Box full of letters from my high school classmate in 4th yr.

These are letters I received from my high school classmates during our retreat (I studied in a Catholic High School) and graduation day. After 10 yrs, it was interesting to read them again. So, I went reading them all to find out that, hey, I was such an incredibly cute and extremely nice friend to my classmates! Ok ok, they didn't really say all that in the letters, but you see, I have extra time to type the rest, and again this is my blog. And I really think I am cute. Bite me. Tee hee hee! :-)

Here's one real funny letter from my high school friend Kathy. She printed it on a short bond paper and rolled it like a diploma. Note, I didn't change a single word she wrote, so this is the "actual" letter I have in paper.

(My name)

Well, for sure ma mimiss mo ako

Kasi I'm gorgeous
I'm cool, kind and cute
I understand you being an engkanto na nagkatawan tao
I'm always there when you need me kahit nga di mo ako kailangan
I know your moods and bear each one of them
I tell you my secrets
I brighten up your days with my smiles and laughters
In short I'm "PERFECT"
I'm different and most of all I'm "humble"

But seriously speaking,
You're fun to be with
Di mo ba napapansin ang dami na ng friends mo
And it's all because of me
Kasi marunong kang makisama
Sabi nila good son ka daw pero di ako naniniwala doon
Alam mo na bihirang balita'y magtapat, magkatotoo may
Marami na'ng dagdag
Salamat sa time mo na binigay mo sa amin para
Kausapin kami
Sana pagdating ng panahon na you already reached
Your dream in life, you're still the same Raffy na
Nakilala ko.

Thank you once again
Good day and Good luck!

Have fun and enjoy your life!
Keep on smilin' make it a habit 3x a day!


This is the actual letter from Kathy. :-)

Close kami nung high school Kathy.  But we lost contact in college.  Great thing somebody created facebook. XD

Here's another letter I want to share with you guys. This one is also funny because - well, errr, just read it:

I won't tell who wrote me this letter. XD

If you can't read it from the image above, the letter says "God Bless!!! Thanks for everything kahit minsan asar ako sa 'yo. At this very moment change your bad attitude."  Hahahaha.....I really laughed hard when I read this! :-) I was a good student and friend as far as I remember. Apparently someone didn't like me that much, tee hee hee!  Kaya ko siya madalas asarin dati kasi crush ko sya nung high school.  Crush lang naman.  Iba yung love ko. I'm not telling who wrote me this letter. I didn't see her again after high school, I heard she's a teacher now (not sure).

Natatawa parin ako sa letter.  Chage your bad attitude daw, hehehehe!  Gagraduate na nga lang kami galit pa rin, hehehe!  XD

That's all for now. XD

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saging na Saba in Can (Cardava Banana in Can)

Video from Youtube

Found this video in youtube. Hahaha... sick Panda!  I remember when I was in first year highschool, we were asked to create a commercial skit in our Home Economics Class. I think we were studying Marketing - or how effective tv commercials are in promoting products. The class was divided into groups, and each group was given different products to promote. We also made a design for our product labels. Mind, the products that we created were bizarre ones - like Saging na Saba in Can, Injectible Eye-Mo (this was the best, lolz), and eerrr, I forgot the other products. Our group had the Saging na Saba in Can.  The whole group conceptualized the idea for the commcercial, and we only needed two actors. Nieto acted as the sari-sari store owner, and I played the customer buying Saging na Saba in Can.  In effect, here's our commercial skit:

Customer (Me):
Pabili nga pooooo......

Store Owner (Nieto): Ano?
Buyer: Mama, pabili nga po ng Saging na Saba in Can.
Store Owner: Wala.
Customer: Wala? Wala po kayong Saging na Saba in Can?
Store Owner: Wala nga!
Customer: Hindi nga?! (frustrated tone)
Store Owner: Sinabi ng wala..wala..wala!!!
Customer: (Now really angry and ready to hit the store owner)  Hindi pwede!!!  Gusto ko ng Saging na Saba in Can!!! Akin na ang Saging na Saba in Can!!!

And the frusrated customer attacked the store owner. The end of skit.

We wanted to show our product as something to die for (well in this case, something to kill for, hehehe). We wanted to make it funny but nobody laughed - for real.  I think it was funny, but most in the class didn't get it.  The dimwits.

The Saging na Saba in Can comes in different flavors, btw.

Teehee! XD

Bukas, Luluhod ang mga Tala (Tomorrow, the Stars will kneel)

The Starry Night  by Vincent Van Gogh
(Painted while inside an asylum in France)

Yes, I am back from the temporary gap in my web presence. Hmmmkei. What am I supposed to write now? Taena. Finally, I decided to take the half-empty (or half-full) bottle of The Bar Vodka decaying inside the fridge. It's apple-flavored but it doesn't taste a bit like green apple now. Err, what do I expect, It has been sitting inside the fridge for more than 2 months for chrisake! It's probably expired now, you know, being opened more than 2 months ago, but heck, I am jobless, thus cannot afford to buy myself even just a bottle of san miguel beer, so I am not complaining. Ah-huh... It's all I've got now.  

Ok ok ok, I confess, it doesn't taste bad.  The green apple flavor is still there, as good as it was when I opened it months ago.  Vodka doesn't go bad.

Hmmm... So, what else do I have here. Vodka on the rocks, a nice cd of bosa nova muzak playing, cool weather, and a semi-fast internet connection. You see, I have everything i need to write about something, anything, in a jiffy, but my hands just keep on typing sentences that don't really hold any sense. Feel free to hop somesite else so as not to waste your time. Pfft.  I shouldn't even bother telling you that. If you don't like what you're reading now, go, fuck off, I don't care.  This is my dot com.  Bite me. Pfft.


I am sad. I didn't want to admit it, but I do now. Oh em gee, I am sooooo fucking useless!!! Oooopss. Let me retype that. I AM SOOOO FUCKING USELESS. There, well typed. Really, I feel so fucking useless! Wait, why do I keep on stressing and repeating the obvious?! That is sooo being redundant. I've got no job, no money, no life but the useless one, and, err what else? No love life too! Fuck that. But hey, I am not really looking for love life.  I thought I was.  But not now.  My life at present is too small and too scruffy for me to let anyone be part of it and suffer. I am not that selfish. I am not that selfish. I'm not.

An inspiration will do.  For now.

I failed a job interview in Alabang last week. Hooray, I failed the final interview, and I feel I got cheated!!! I feel I got cheated because I know I am more than qualified for the post. I've been in the same industry since 2006, I'm well equipped with all the necessary skills needed in the job and I did very good in the interview (I believe). Yet, I failed. Sucks. I don't know exactly what their reason was, but I have 2 theories - either the final interviewer didn't like the fact that I had been with 3 different companies last year (2 of which I resigned before the 6th month) or the final interviewer thought I was trying to outsmart him by giving clever answers and providing too much information than what was being asked. I forgot that I was just a mere mortal in front of a pseudoGod in that company, and trying to impress the gods too much by performing beyond the normal clusterfuck human being's capability may put me into trouble.  Greek gods get jealous too, you know. They had me waiting for 2 weeks to be scheduled for the final interview, only to be rejected in the end. Screw them!  I am going to Global city next week.

Or maybe, just maybe, the final interviewer didn't like me because I was wearing denim jeans and soiled sneakers during the final interview. @_@

I'm over quarter-of-a-century old now, and I admit being in my late twenties kinda scares me. Everything will be a tougher climb when I'm over 30, and I don't want to reach the point when I am too old to climb over a fence and reach a greener pasture. My life is out of sync with my friends', I know, and I am not happy about it.  But I want to turn it into something positive.  I have a friend who is now a Lawyer; I have friends who are now nurses and doctors and dentists, some working overseas and earning dollars; I have friends who are now teaching in schools and universities; I have friends who are now engineers; and I have friends who are now team leaders and managers in call centers. And just earlier I learned that a friend, who started college 8 yrs ago, is finally graduating;  Creative Writing, Cum Laude, in UP Diliman.  Me? Errr...here. Undergrad.  Jobless.  Loveless.  Penniless.

But I have goals now.

I know what my mistakes in life were, and I've learned from each of them. I have goals now! Listen. I am NOT asking anyone to support me, neither expecting you to believe that I am serious with my goals this time. I only have one request - try not to discourage me and try not to act like what you're hearing and reading is just a deja vu of another upcoming failure. I used to joke before that when you're at the bottom, there's no other way to go but sideways. I refuse to believe that now.

I may not reach my exact goals, but one thing is sure - I am going up.

You can kneel before me when that time comes. I'm gonna leave it up to you if you want to deal with it figuratively or literally.


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