Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm still alive [or-insert-more-appropriate-title-here]


6 months boy... 6 months! I can't believe I'd been away for that long.  Yes, I am still alive.  So what's new, eh?

Same old shit.

I don't know what's gotten into me to put up an entry today. I normally just spend my days off doing nothing... which I have mastered perfectly. Let me correct myself - today isn't my day off. I called in sick today to take care of some important matter.

My sister went through an eye operation on Monday of last week. The retina of her left eye got detached for some unknown reason, and that scared us a bit as it's something that doesn't happen often in the family (retina detachment, that is) and because it involves what I consider the most vital of all senses. The last time a member of the family went through an operation was two years ago, when another sister broke her arm and a metal plate was screwed on her bone to reconnect the broken humerus. Both of my sisters are doing ok now. The one who broke her arm plays tennis now and the one who had her left eye experimented by doctors is back watching PBB live-stream nonstop. Yeah, even an eye operation could not stop her from watching the stupid show. Pffft. Our mother keeps on reminding her that she should be in bed, resting, and recuperating, but that doesn't seem to drill in her head.

I've never been admitted in a hospital, though I've been rushed a couple of times to Makati Med, from work, because of my blood pressure shooting heavenwards. Last time it happened was last month. Yes, I am hypertensive. And that scares me sometimes. I admit I faked being sick before to get out of going to school and work, and I'm guessing being hypertensive now, for real, is God's way of teaching me a lesson for making up all those i-am-sick-today-i-can't-go-to-work-blah stories.

The weather this month is crazy. It's fucking hot! And today is one of those days when I wish I live someplace else where there's snow. I'm not going to complain if a snow storm suddenly hits Manila and covers every inch of it with thick snow and icicles. I'd be the first to run outside and celebrate if that happens. XD

I kind of having second-thoughts about keeping my present job. I want to quit, but I'm trying really hard to brush that idea off my mind. I work during the day and I am getting paid real well, but arrggh... sobrang pagod na ako!!! Our work-life balance is being pushed away by the company's need for urgent improvement. Pinupukpok na nila kami ng sobra. When I started with the company over a year ago, I was thinking I finally found a career I can get excited about because of the monetary incentive. But now, feels like I'm dragging my balls each day to godamn work. And that's really not good. Oh well. I'm stopping now before this post turns into another shitty-blah.

Looks like I always have something to whine about whenever I visit my site. That sucks. I know. Bite me.

Byerts now!


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