Sunday, November 22, 2009


I am. Extremely.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pacquiao Day??? (Nyek!)

I was browsing on a social networking site when I came across this stupid shout-out: "dapat magkaroon ng Pacquiao day ang Pilipinas!" Whaaat???

I wanted to write something about this issue, but I feel really lazy. Instead, I want you guys to visit Tobey's blog to hear what she has to say about the Pacquiao Hype (click HERE

Just read the comment I left on her blog. Thanks! XD

tinatamad na talaga ako magtype, ayoko rin mag copy-paste, so yung comment ko nalang sa blog nya ang basahin nyo.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2012 (and my friends missing in action)

I watched 2012 yesterday. Errr... I find the movie OK.
Before I blather about the movie, I want to express first how dissatisfied I am with my friends. I was supposed to watch the movie with at least 5 friends, but ended up watching with only one, which isn't bad. Well, I'm not going to mention names here. They know exactly who they are. Arrgghh... To friend #1, though you didn't go with us because of the usual husband-wife issue, it's's understandable. To friend #2, yeah, nakakatamad naman talaga at nakakaantok manood ng's also understandable...and it's also arrgghh. To friend #3, well, it's ok too...I know that you and friend #2 always come in package...none of you goes without the other...well, it's also understandable. To Belle, thanks to you. Though it was just the two of us, it beats watching the movie alone. And I enjoyed our date. Teee heee! XD Sa susunod ulit ha! Ikaw nalang iinvite ko.

Getting back to the movie:
It was OK. The plot of the story is, obviously, about the end of the world. Great cinematic effects, I must say. It's a WOW! Quite similar to the effects in The Day After Tomorrow, but expect more from 2012. I cried in the movie. X( I really can't imagine saying goodbye to my loved ones and having a devastating end. The movie also showed how unfair the world is. In the movie (If you haven't seen it, please quit reading. This is a bit of a spoiler, I warn you) they built a bunch of hi-tech arks that are supposed to save mankind. But of course, only a few were chosen since it is logically impossible to fit the entire population of human race in 3 arks no matter how big they are. Well, they weren't really chosen, they paid...of course. The seats on the super-dooper-hi-tech Arks were sold for 1 Billion Euro each. That's the same money they used in building the Arks. Only the highest officials and scientists and and richest people of the first world countries were made aware of the devastating end of the world and of the hi-tech Arks they're building. In the first place, without these private money, nothing could have been done. Just imagine how unfare that is to the people who don't belong to the same social economic status. It leaves a bunch of normal people, like me and Belle and the rest of the people inside the theater, who cannot afforrd 1B Euro, sweating hard and feeling sorry for the ordinary people in the movie who are bound to die because they don't have the money. Yeah, my hands were sweating up a storm while I was watching the movie. I was like, "OMG - I need to get a high-paying job starting next week and start saving so I can afford that 1Billion Euro in 2012!"

You prolly asking who made the hi-tech arks, and where? I find this really funny. The Arks were built in China. I assume the people responsible for building the Arks made a bid to various companies/contractors around the world to find the best deal, and the Chinese were obviously the cheapest option. To be honest, I don't trust products that are made in China. I guess the quality of the ark didn't really matter in the movie, LOL. Ooppss, sorry, it's just my personal opinion. I have nothing against China.

Where are the Arks going? They're going to Africa (if my memory serves me right) - which is the only land spared by mother nature's fury and emerges from the water. Only question is, how long would the people inside the Arks last If the arks can hold X-number of people with Y-number of food supply. I guess cannibalism will eventually answer that issue - and that's another story. XD
turn off the ipod playing on the right side of this blog so you can watch and listen to this video.

Medyo magulo talaga ang kwento ko para mas piliin nyong manood.
I'm not gonna give further info about the movie. Just watch it. The cinematic effects are awesome, but the story is a bit off. I wish the creators of 2012 made a better story line for the characters.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Star Studded Shitness

The previous entry was such a crap. Please accept my apology. Ang Cheesy kasi eh, harhar, XD

I seldom watch the idiot box these days. To be honest, the only shows I've been seeing lately are just Eat Bulaga and PBB. I know many of you hates the latter. Well, me too, but not really in the exact way of hate-hate. I find the show more like a blah-shitness-but-entertaining media crap. Consider it like getting the goods in bacterias. It's like a probiotic drink (putek, why am I comparing it to a probiotic drink? It's like comparing apples and shit). Anyway, seeing those people's daily shitnesses inside the big brother's oddly-colored-house gives me the idea that my life is not bad afterall, hindi kagaya nila na kailangan pang ibenta ang pribadong buhay para lang magkapangalan at magkaroon ng kaperahan. Pathetic, really, but I cannot blame them. Besides, everyone has their own reason in whatever they do and do not do.

I'm not typing this entry to blather about the happenings inside the oddly-colored house. Going back to the idiot box, I noticed a lot of tv commercials airing these days are those of people running for office. Now, thats what I really call pathetic. They're as pathetic as the San Marino corned tuna commercial.

Dingdong: Ooh lala, I am handsome and macho, so
let's eat corned tuna that tastes like corned beef!

Marian: Oh yeah, I am so beautiful and sexy, so
let's eat corned tuna that tastes like corned beef!
They all, equally, don't make sense. If I were to make a law and change/remove a few things that I think are very inappropriate, both in tv and politics, those political tv commercials and print ads would be on my list. I will ban them! The same with the signages and government mobiles that identify public officials as the source of public works and such. Geez... It's our money they're using for self-promotion. Why don't they just simply do their jobs?

I want to be honest, I will not vote this coming election. I'm hearing you asking "why?" and you telling me how my vote can help change our country. Errr, but sorry, my vote will surely not matter. The up coming election is a no-brainer, not in the sense that I know who exactly will win. I don't need to think much because with the current line up of the people running for presidency...walang dudang wala kang pagpipiliang matino. The best you can do is to choose the least of all evil. It's like choosing between "taeng lasang cake" and "cake na lasang tae". Kahit anong piliin mo talo ka. Hahaha...gross, sorry. I guess a cake that tastes like shit is still the best option. It is still a cake afterall, hehehe. Sorry, but I don't have the time to rectify the best shit among them pile of shits

Natawa ako at naasar ng sabay nung makita ko ang commercial ni Noynoy, pati na nung ibang mga kandidato. They all make me sick, especially Noynoy's star studded commercial. Eeww. Parang pang Film Festival yung commercial nya. Listen, I'm not against nor pro Noynoy. In fact, integrity wise, I was thinking he is the best (among all evils) in the presidential candidates line-up, until he made that commercial. Christ, have mercy please!

Speaking of Noynoy and his star studded commercial:
Right after the burial of his mother, former president Cory Aquino, supporters started to surface urging him to run for presidency. I find it really pathetic that he listened to them. The problem of this "Noynoy for President" shitness hype, I think, is that it is based on popularity and sympathy rather than an intelligent decision. I don't know how long "The Aquino Magic" will last on him. He's not a bad politician, but definitely not special neither. He's the sort of unnoticeable and forgettable politician, and he had not done much to be considered a possible president of this country. His petty accomplishments as a congressman and senator are not good-enough indicators of a possible-future-president. But look at him now (and the stars around him in his commercial, LOL)...running for office. I've never seen him get this much of attention until the much mourned death of her mother. Sikat bigla si Noynoy eh! Yeah, but it is not something that I'd be proud of if I were him. Obviously, Noynoy's supporters are just overwhelmed with the legacy left by Cory and Ninoy Aquino, that they were, like, "obliged" to hand the torch to Noynoy and give him an equal level of trust they gave his parents. Come on! I find it completely ridiculous. If I were Noynoy, I'd try to create a name for myself first. He might have the same integrity that his parents had, but having integrity and being "The Aquino's son" are not the only qualifying factors that make a good president. Competency, among all others, should be considered first, and not popularity. Reality check, being an Aquino is the only edge he has.

Speaking of Popularity:
We, Filipinos, have been showing that popularity is our main basis on electing government officials. No wonder why the stupid-action-star, elected president of the Philippines, now I hear, wants to run for office again! I don't want to go through the trouble of explaining how bad Erap was, and I am not a laywer to thoroughly explain the legality of his rerunning, but as what as the constitution says - The president can only run for one term. Give me a break please, the law is very clear. Now that Pacquiao won his fight with Cotto, I wouldn't be surprised if I hear people pushing him to run for whatever government position again, just like in the 2006 election where he lost. No wonder why Mar Roxas did his fucking marriage proposal on an equally fucking noontime show (but this is under the water now since Mar already backed out to give way to Noynoy). No wonder why Edu Manzano was chosen as the official candidate for Vice President, along side with the presidential aspirant Gibo Teodoro. No wonder why the fucking noontime show host Willie Revillame is rumored to run too. The reason is very obvious. Sad but true, popularity has become the Philippines' standard of excellence-shitness during elections. That sucks. When will we ever learn?


Please, do not force me to vote, ok? I already decided I will not vote and that is final. You may say how un-Filipino and negative I am, but I won't give a flying fuck. As I've said - it's a no-brainer. No matter who you choose, you still lose. Maybe on the next presidential election, I might find a candidate worthy of my vote.

author's note:
sorry about all the "fuck" and "shitty" words i used. those are just the exact words that best describe how i feel as i type this.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Liham ng Pag-ibig

Para sa Iyo,

alam ko nasaktan kita. pero maniwala ka sana, hindi ito ang nais kong maramdaman mo. pasensya ka na ha. hindi naman talaga ganito ang gusto kong mangyari. inaamin ko, kasalanan ko ang lahat. masyado akong nakialam sa buhay mo eh. minsan nagsisisi ako kung bakit ko hinayaang gawin mo ang lahat ng gusto ko. hindi mo dapat ibinuhos ang lahat ng damdamin mo sa akin. alam ko, malaki ang pagkukulang ko sayo. masyado kitang binulag sa mga di makatotohanang pangako. masyado kitang pinaasa. ipinagpilitan ko sayo na ang lahat ng gusto ko ay tama. pinaniwala kita sa mundo ng walang hanggang tunay na pag-ibig. sorry talaga. masyado kitang pinangunahan sa mga desisyon mo sa buhay, sa punto na lagi nalang ako ang iniintindi mo. lagi nalang ako ang priority mo. lagi nalang ako, kapakanan ko, kagustuhan ko, kaligayahan ko. nakalimutan ko na may sarili kang pag-iisip. alam kong mali, pero hinayaan parin kita na mahulog ng husto sa aking di makatwirang damdamin. sana hinayaan na lang kita na magdesisyon ng naaayon sa sinasabi ng iyong isip. nakaligtaan ko na hindi kita pag-aari, na may sarili kang isip, na may sarili kang buhay. nasaktan kita, at nais kong humingi sa iyo ng kapatawaran. wag mo akong isipin, ok lang naman ako. unahin mo ang sarili mo, at mag desisyon ka ng ayon sa dikta ng iyong isip...dahil doon mo lang naman talaga malalaman kung alin ang tama at alin ang mali. wag mo na lang sana ako masyadong intindihin. inaamin ko madalas mali ang nararamdaman ko, kaya't wag ka sanang padadala kaagad. tandaan mo, ano man ang mangyari lagi lang akong nasa tabi mo. simula ngayon pipilitin kong wag kang pangunahan. pipilitin ko na iayos ang lahat. pipilitin kong wag ka ng paluhain. nandito lang ako lagi, mananatiling kapiling mo.

ang iyong puso



ikaw na nagbabasa ngayon, oo, ikaw, wag ka na masyadong magdrama. hindi mo ba naririnig, ang ganda ng tugtog. smile ka na.

teee heee heee! XD


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Eureka!!! :)

I finally realized what my purpose in life really is...

that is to be



Whoa! Cheers! XD

>>>kumontra panget! XD<<<

teee heee heee! XD

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hey everyone, I just want to share with you a friend's photo-blog. If photography is your passion, or you just simply enjoy looking at great pics (this guy's photos are awesome! Believe me.), you better check his site:

Have fun.

Sudden Twist of Plot

"It isn't the burdens of today that drive men mad. It is the regrets over yesterday and the fear of tomorrow. Regret and fear are twin thieves who rob us of today."
- Robert Hastings

And so, why am I here again, you ask.

I mentioned somewhere, prolly in facebook or twitter, that I am saying goodbye to yffarsworld. I'm sorry, but I wasn't really sure with it when I made that statement. I was just really sad that day that I wanted to forget, literally, everything and everyone that has something to do with my existence, and start a whole new life. I'm not happy with what's goin on. Reinventing myself sounds a great idea, I thought. Getting falsified documents under a different name is the start, then I'll fly to a different country and disappear from everyone I know, change my looks, prolly get a major cosmetic surgery, and never return to the Philippines for good and let everyone wonder where I am about, and wait for myself to be declared "pressumed dead" after couple of years. It sounds a pretty good plan, but I don't know if I can really do it. I thought about suicide, and being gone for good, but I know I am stronger than that. I mean, I want to die and disappear with honor. Come on, how can I end my life as Raffy when I haven't even proved anything yet?

Another question:
Why am I so negative in life??? And you ask, why did I label myself "Hari ng Sablay" and "The King of Nothing to do"? Well, those are just facts about myself that I've learned to accept and embrace.

May Pinagmanahan ba kamo?:
I know my mom is almost-always negative in everything she says and think about. She's almost-always full of cynicisms... starting every sentence with "Ay 'sus" (Oh, Jesus / Oh, Christ / OMG), worrying about tomorrow when today's problem hasn't even started yet, and more of blah-blah-blah-shit-blahness. Don't get me wrong. My mother is a very good mom and I will never exchange her for 1 Million Dollars (make it a Billion Dollars and I might consider it, LOL) --- Of course not! She's not perfect, but for me she's the greatest. It's only her being so negative that we hate about her.

Now it got me thinking... Maybe other people are also starting to hate me now because of the same negativity that lives in me, (insert sniffle here). I'm certain I got it from my mom (insert another sniffle here). Sabi nila emo daw ako. I remember a friend asking me, "why do you thrive in loneliness and sadness?" I forgot what I answered him. More likely it was another negative answer. He's my bestfriend, but I haven't heard from him for a while now. Maybe he's gone tired listening to all my dilemmas (sniffle here again). Well, I surely cannot blame him. But I want to thank him.

>>>So Jaime, a big thanks.<<<

At the rate my life is going, I can honestly say it doesn't hold any meaning. Only my family, and maybe a few friends, would cry if I die right this moment. Then after a year or two, I'm history. Not worth-remembering. Looking back, my life has always been a disappointment. Puro yabang lang ako. Oo. But I don't want to die as meaningless as I am right now. I may have the attitude of running away and brushing responsibilities off my shoulder, be it at work and home and everything in between, but just like Naruto, I also want to be recognized. And why did Naruto get in the scene? Wala lang.XD Problem is I'm just too lazy to do what needs to be done. Well, I keep on getting a lot of "what-if's" in my mind. So I guess I still care about myself, and my dream of being recognized is not dead after all. The will is just hiding someplace inside me, maybe. Just waiting for its time to shine (whoa, parang shampoo commercial lang ah, LOL). Hey, don't panic, alright. I'm not about to die today. What I want to say is that life is short no matter how long I might live. It might be the end of the world tomorrow and not in 2012, for all we know. So, I might as well make it meaningful and make a great twist of plot in my biography that everyone will remember.

I went to Mapua the other week and inquired about enrolling next year. Oh yeah, I did! Going back to school is something that I have to face sooner or later. Better deal with it while I'm still young. Maybe getting a degree will be the start of a new me. Getting a new girlfriend might also be a start, but I'm afraid to enter such a relationship when I can't even take care of myself. I'm not really sure, but everything is worth-trying. It will no longer be the same when I go back in school. I won't be seeing the same faces and I'll be the kuya of my future class. Fuck that! But as I have said, it is something that I have to face sooner or later. My last year in Mapua was the hardest time for me when I was studying. That was the time when my father got sick. I was going to school with just 80 pesos in my pocket. Imagine that. Considering I was travelling from Alabang to Manila, I almost had nothing for food. Other memories of my school days flashed back as I walk inside the campus. I remembered my friends Bon, Edward, Men, Mahal, Hannah (my crush, teee heee! XD), and the rest of B131. The walls and buildings in Mapua also caught my attention. It has been there since 1925, yet, with its age and the damages it incurred through the years of its existence, the school remained standing pround and tall. It's nothing extra-ordinary. Just like the rest of the buildings in Intramuros, it just an old artificial environment made of concrete...and metals and wood...decorated with glasses and flourescent lighting and blah-blah-shit-blah. Toneless. Lifeless, it is. It doesn't show any feeling or emotion, yet, it has a slight tremor, but a strong echo of pride and honor and memories all its own, like it has a life of its own. This might not sound right, but maybe, just maybe, I need to learn to be unemotional to stand life, like the stones in each wall of Mapua. I know it's not going to work that way all the time. But sometimes, being emotionless is needed to remain standing.

"A ninja's life is not measured by how he lived, but rather what he managed to accomplish before his death."
- Jiraiya Sama

Image grabbed from here
Sad, Jiraiya-Sama is dead. Naruto Shippuuden will not be the same again without the pervy Sage. But he played his cards so well, he'll always be remembered. RIP Erro-Sennin.

If I can't be an engineer, or an artist, or a musician, I want to be at least a ninja, though I know it's impossible. XD Kidding aside, what Jiraiya said is absolutely profound. What do you think?


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