Monday, August 16, 2010

Mon Objet D'Art Part 2

I'm hot. Yes, I still feel feverish and I am not really in the best mood, but heck - I've got new paintings to show and I'm just too darn excited to flaunt them here.

Here's part 2 of mon' objet d'art:

"Efetsem" oil on 30x20 canvas
Above is my first attempt to create a nude painting. I call this "Efetsem". It's oil on 30x20 pre-streched canvas. Let me tell you: the title is derived from FHM. Got it?

"Doon sa Hacienda Estrella" oil on 15x20 canvas
I call the above painting "Doon sa Hacienda Estrella". It's oil on 15x20 inch pre-stretched white canvas. Estrella is my mother's name. I may not be able give my mother a house and lot, well, at least in a painting there's a Hacienda on her name.

"Frustrated Circles" oil on 10x15 canvas
The third painting is a failed attempt to create an abstract using the excess of the paints I used in Hacienda. Arrggh. I didn't get the look I was initially trying to create - and it got me really frustrated. So instead of throwing the canvas, I just played around with the remaining paint and created this circles of frustration (and in frustration). Okay, I know it doesn't really hold a sense of art. I'm aware of it too so you don't have to shove it at my face.

"Under the Bloody Sky" oil on 18x24 canvas
The painting above is titled "Under the Bloody Sky", oil on 18x24 inch pre-stretched white canvas. This is the last work I finished and, so far, my favorite. I'm not really a painter, mind.  I'm just a regular dummy who got nothing better to do at home. I think I already mentioned in my previous posts how I came to like oil painting. I'm enjoying it. It may sound a cliche, but painting has become a passion for me - an outlet for my creative juice and for my pent-up emotions and frustrations. I have so many of those.

I'm still not working, but hopefully I get to get a job before the month ends. All the bumming and doing nothing at home were, in a way, covered by my new hobby. My first 3 paintings were made during the day, and the rest were made at night - when all the people at home were sleeping. For one, I hate being distracted, and two, I like isolation (when I want it). Don't mistake that for being anti-social because I'm not. I also go to parties and I never say no to any inuman. But most of the time, I prefer to be alone. Being moody is part of my entirety and I get distracted and irritated easily. I remember how distracted I was when I was doing my draped woman painting outside, in the garage. The house next door was being renovated and the construction workers' attentions were at me, or should I say at my draped woman, while I was painting. I wanted to scream do-your-job-and-stop-watching-me-you-dimwits!!! But I didn't. I hate being watched.

Saw the movie Grown Ups last week.  The movie was fun, and it sort of brought me some good memories of my childhood. I watched the movie alone as it wasn't planned. I got irritated at home (i'm not going to tell here why) so I decided to just go out and chillax before I lose my temper and explode like a loaded cannonball (this is how a friend describes me when asked about my temper). With today's technology, most kids now play indoors, thus, missing the fun of getting dirt on their faces and feet and building "libag" on their necks and underarms, haha. Gross. I played almost all the known larong-kalye. I played holen, tumbang preso, tsato, taguan, habulan, basketbol, patintero, text (comic skits from local movies) and cards (nba, trump, magic), trumpo, pogs (yung sa coke), tatsing, goma, kalog, gagamba (spider derby), bike, and the list goes on and on. Favorite ko yung pagpunta namin sa Aplaya (part of Laguna da Bay in Alabang) kapag baha, haha. To a child, playing at the lake during a flood is as fun as swimming in a pool. It was fun, pero isang beses napalo ako ng tatay ko kasi nahuli na naliligo kami sa Aplaya. Haaaay... I remember the days. Ay, hahaha, nga pala, pinaka favorite ko pala yung pag doorbell namin sa mga bahay-bahay sabay takbo. Wooo hooo!  It isn't a game but it was fun!  The adrenaline rush it brought us! There's still a lot of games I din't mention. I wonder how my childhood friends are doing now. This is a long shot, but to Ace, Noel, Robin, Bryan, Joel (na nakasuntukan ko ng 2 beses kasi siya ang nagsumbong sa tatay ko na nagpunta kami sa aplaya hahaha...childhood rage, you know), and to the rest of the boys and girls of L&B2 in the 90's...sana ok lang kayong lahat.

I am over a quarter of a century old, and this qualifies me on the late-twenties-bracket.  Geez. I want to stay young and be forever 20. I'm afraid to grow old. It scares me.

It's almost midnight. I'm done.  This isn't really a good way to end a post, but hey this is my blog.  Bite me.

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