Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Next In Line!

I don't know where I'd been these past few days. I was like abducted by aliens or some sort of and kept me away from blogging. Arrgghh. I don't enjoy this anymore!!! I got to be serious with life. Shit!!! I will try to convince myself to look for a regular job before April ends (or on the first week of May). Gawd...this is torture. I hate working. But I need to get a regular job so I can get myself a healthcard, in case, let's just say, my body malfunctions because of too much blood in my alcohol system. So I freaking-need a healthcard!!!

My youngest sister graduated last April 18! Yeahbaaah!!! Hoooray!!! And yes! All my siblings have their degrees and diplomas now. I will soon get mine and be a licensed Mechanical Engineer (but I still need to convince myself more.) Sigh. Enough stuff about my pathetic-self. Going back to my sister's graduation...we failed to take a single picture during the entirety of the graduation ceremony in PICC. The battery of our digital camera died some minutes before the ceremony started. Fcuk. They were all so busy taking care of everything they forgot to recharge the battery of the digicam. Harhar.

Well, after the graduation, we headed to MOA, bought batteries for the cam (I will try to upload few of those pics from MOA), ate late lunch, did a little window shopping, and played bowling. It was my first time to play bowling (I swearrrrr...and I'm not kidding.) But the first-timer-me got the highest point of 145, with 3 stikes. So I thought maybe I was born a natural bowler. Oh my God, now I am getting more confused! I have so much talent that I don't know now which one to develop! I took an IQ test in Facebook and it said I'm a brilliant person and I have an IQ level above 140. What the fcuk??? Was it really me?!? Hahaha! What a hoot! That's crap, and I'm certain. I do not even know how a derivative of a function at a chosen input value in calculus describes the behavior of the function near that input value. So how can I have an IQ level of above 140???

An IQ test for everyone:

Direction: Read the question very carefully. Write your answer in a 1/4 sheet of paper, fold it lengthwise. Write your name, year, section, and suking tindihan, and include signature, and drop it in your neighbor's mailbox. NO CHEATING!

(Question 1 of 1)

Devide 30 by a half, plus 10.
(a.) I don't know. I need a scientific calculator.
(b.) 25
(c.) 30
(d.) 70

P.S. Leave a comment to declare your answer...if you are brave enough to answer.


Duh... I am bored. I need to get a regular job soon. I cannot go on like this. I'm tired working as a secret agent in a secret mission for a secret employer. And I need a healthcard!!! My hypertensivity and cardiovascular what-ever might be worsening because of too much blood -ooopss, sorry, too much alcohol in my blood system. On the lighter side, I lost 5lbs from my original weight last month! Yeeaaahaaahh!!! Way to go!

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Yffar said...

walang gusto sumagot...ayaw masubok ang IQ, LOL.


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