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RE: Chip Tsao's "nation of servants"

A very insignificant worm in the apple of journalism has succeeded in getting our attention. I won't go through the root of this discussion. I assume many of you have already heard and read about this Hong Kong Magazine writer/columnist named Chip Tsao, who called the Philippines a “nation of servants.” A very brave, but stupid comment, I must say.

Clap, clap, clap to Chip!!! (Arrgghh!!!)

I have once dreamt of becoming a journalist. I was even planning to write my own book, but that was before. I realized serious-writing is way, way over my intellectual capability, and so I have decided to have that dream rest in peace. I will still continue to write though, but I will never feel guilty if ever I missed some points in my writings or made a grammatically incorrect sentence because I am not a professional writer. I studied 4 years of mechanical engineering, and I think being good in both Math and Words is a real talent. (wink) BTW, I want to say sorry to my friends who I intentionally neglected these past few days. Been going through a lot because of some emotional challenges life has struck me, but I can say I am doing better now. I am not happy, but I am feeling better and moving on with life each day. Yes, I am, as you have requested - (I don’t know if you are reading this but you know who you are. I hope all is good with you in Sitka). I was having a good rest in bed the other night, when I heard about this Chip Tsao on the news. I already decided to get over it, but couldn’t help writing something about it. We were in my good friend Chris’ home last night and celebrated his birthday, and at some point in our conversations, when everyone was already drunk, Chip Tsao managed to get into it.

Though my heart is bursting with anger and disgust, and my restless mind truly bothered by his idiotic and moronic statements, I will try to be as calm as possible. So this will be a one-quick-blow:

Fuck you Chip Tsao!


Ok, now I feel better. That’s all I want to tell that freaking-Chinese-columnist. I have a high regard for journalists because I dreamt of becoming one before. It’s a profession I really respect. What Chip Tsao wrote got me mad in the beginning, but I feel better now. In fact, I pity him now for not having the good values that most people in his and our country have. I grew up from a very good family, where respect to others is really valued and practiced. What he had written in his column just nudged and angered the polite Philippine Society. I am not very good in expressing myself, but I hope this post serves its purpose.

I want to clarify that this article is not to battle out with China or it‘s people as a race. I have a few Chinese friends, and even fell in love with one, so this has nothing to do with the Chinese. I worked for almost three years in an international customer care service answering calls from people in the US. And yes, hearing derogatory, and somehow racist remarks from “some” Americans had been part of my customer service career. That was what my job was about - answering calls from financially (and mentally???) challenged people in the US. I know America is a great country, and many of them are good and friendly, but sadly most of the calls I was getting were from people with a-little-refinement. I just don’t understand why people like them, and Chip Tsao, exist. Is it to balance nature? To balance the flow of Yin and Yang? Predators and preys? Educated and uneducated? Hmmm…. Maybe.

If we will check back history, discrimination against Filipinos has been there for ages . It is primarily due to economic reasons. Ok… this is a fact: Filipinos are seen by others as people who are willing to work on almost anything for low wages in other countries, and it really bothers me. It is sad, but true. What would you expect - even our own government encourages it’s citizens to go and work abroad for that “better-opportunity-for-living” dream, instead of creating more jobs here and finding ways to make a more sustainable and stable economy so people won't have to move outside the country to work. Ok - I know it is easier said than done and I am definitely not in the position to lecture our “educated” government people… but that is what our government’s job is!!! That’s what they’re supposed to be doing! Doctors here in the Philippines are going abroad to become nurses to earn more - what the crock is it??? Why is this happening?!!

Going back to Chip Tsao, what he wrote was a real stupid remark. It's a writing that lacks the application of “common-sense” principle, which is very vital in writing. He has just reduced himself into a complete nothingness, in terms of writing, and has shown how uneducated he is. I am not a professional writer, but I believe, just like everybody else, that as a journalist, one has to be really careful about what he write and say - responsible writing that is. Yeah, as rational beings we are all entitled to provide our own opinions in whatever way and manner we want, but not to the extent of hitting what the whole world regard as taboo. His “ The War at Home” article was not just about Filipino people in general. It is also about other countries who have been suffering from the cruelty of racists. I learned from the news early this morning that Tsao has already made a public apology, but it didn’t really sound like one. It’s more of defending his evil work, and disguising it as a “satirical column” which his publishers noted as something that can be read in "different ways". Duh??? This is what Tsao said in his apology:

"The ‘servant’ is a sacred term. A Hong Kong government official is a civil servant. We are all servants to God, right? I’m now aware that I’ve crossed the line and I offer my public apology."

Ok… now I want to shove on his face a part of what he wrote:

“As a nation of servants, you don't flex your muscles at your master, from whom you earn most of your bread and butter.”

What I say: Yeah right…servant is a sacred term; that is according to Chip Tsao.

The root of all this chaos is the Spratly Islands which both the Philippines and China claims. It is an issue between two countries and not between two races - if you see what my point is. Spratlys is a legitimate issue, and just like all other big issues in every corner of the world, it can be discussed without insulting an entire nation and discriminating an entire race.

When I first read Tsao’s article, I wanted to go to Hong Kong and find him, and grab him by his neck while I tell him how his country should be called a nation of cheats - where most of the substandard products, equipments, and rip-off items came from, and are being sold here in the Philippines by Chinese business men. I wanted to counter all his bad words against Filipinos in his article by throwing back all the cheating that their people do in our country. I wanted to tell him that majority of the drug lords here are Chinese; about how they try to manipulate and substandardize products, including foods and medicines, to cheat the world and earn money. A lot of incidents were already reported about Chinese nationals caught producing fake paper bills here in the Philippines. The list can go on and on. I wanted to tell him all that. But I am not gonna say it (though obviously I just did).

This isn’t the first time that Chip Tsao has faced accusations of racism in his writings. He has done quite a few. Google Chip Tsao and see what I am talking about. sk tsk tsk… I’m sure his mother wouldn’t be happy about it.

RESPECT. That’s another thing that we need, aside from love, and sex (insert dirty grin here).

Waaaahh…. I know this nation-of-servant-issue deserves a more and thorough full-blown discussion. I wanted to make this entry longer but I am so tired and sleepy na… haaaayyy… Pffft… Now that Chip Tsao has made (as what he claims as) a public apology, he just have to brush his manners clean and silence himself. I know this is a long shot, but if ever Chip Tsao gets to read this post, I have one good suggestion for him: try writing about how China should be called the Master of Cheaters. I think that’d be more interesting. (smile)

And to our government people, the ones we elected for the betterment of our country, I hope what Chip Tsao wrote motivates you to do your job. Just take the lead, Madame’s and Sir’s, and WE WILL FOLLOW.

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