Tuesday, December 8, 2009


is a choice. But being happy doesn't always numb the pain and yearning. I want to think that everything is cool, but reality doesn't really match my expectations and desires. (insert sniffle here).

Meron namang naghihintay na jeep na walang laman, pero bakit ba gusto ko pa ring sumakay sa puno na?


roanne said...

treat expectations and desires as goals... it will force you to reach higher than expected and desired... maybe from there you'll find happiness...

Lycloer said...

hmm..u sound like my boyfriend..his made his choice to be happy with me, but he is having a hard time understanding everything without the way of living that he use to have that makes him expect a lot from me..

Yffar Edlacer said...

@roanne: thanks for dropping by. mapuan karin pala. I think I know the twins A and B. Long hair sila dati diba? 2003 ko pa kasi huling nakita si B. Classmate ko sya sa ME class ko. Si B lang kasi madalas kong kasama noon sa Mapua, galit kasi ako sa mayayabang, kami ni B parehas lang simple. hehe. XD Ewan, pero parang sila nga yung nasa pic mo.

@lycloer: i can't relate a bit. iba naman ang situation ko. mas malalim at malaman.


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