Sunday, June 13, 2010

[Insert Pre-Birthday-Post Title here] :-)

I'm still alive.

Just surviving. A few hours more and I am officially another year older. Thank Gawd.

I am currently looking for a job. Ok...I haven't really been looking for a job, but I am waiting to get one. How it is going to happen is something...well, I do not know. I want to leave it all to fate. Afterall it is my birthday tomorrow! Good old fate might be nice enough to deliver a perfect job right at my doorstep, teee heee! Come on fate, I am waiting! Wait till all the stars under my zodiac signs are in their perfect locations...wait till the lucky astroligical bodies are aligned... wait till my body and spirit and desires are in sync...yaddah yaddah blah blah... Since I am again entering the call whoring business, I want to make sure that I get into a company I really want to be a part of. I do not enjoy working in this business, so I might as well choose a company that I really like to give myself a little consolation. I just hope they give me a call soon, puhleeeze... as I don't have money anymore. All my financial resources are gone and I am now, what you call, errrr, broke. You see, It is my birthday tomorrow and I am broke. How sad can that be? Working in a call centre is such a drag for me, but then again it is the only decent high paying job I can do. At least it gives me something to support my needs and my family's. whoring body is sick and tired of it, but I've no better choice at the moment, so I'm sticking with it... for now.

You see, I've been blathering in this blog about my desire of finishing my Mechanical Engineering degree in Mapua but I have not done a thing about it since I stopped from schooling. I admit I need some parental guidance sometimes...maybe a little spanking too. I don't want to study and work at the same time so don't tell me to do just that. I am not that intelligent, ok. What I want to do is work, earn and save more than enough money, then go back to college. Now please tell me to walk my talk! Leaving college wasn't really my fault. It was a very tough time for my family when my father got sick a long time ago, so I willingly gave up my studies temporarily (which now looks permanently). Yes, it wasn't my fault, but I understand it is my responsibility, which, I had been trying to brush off my shoulder. A responsibility that I had been hoping someone in the family would take care of. I'm over that hopeful thinking, and am now taking full responsibility of it. Becoming an engineer was my dream when I was young, but things have changed now. It isn't a dream anymore. It's now, I think, just an option. The best option. Truth is, I really woudn't want to become an engineer now if I enjoy working as a call centre whore, and if titles and diploma do not matter. (This will be a short rant of an undergrad, pfft. Bite me) Why do titles and diploma matter in the first place? It's just a fucking piece of recycled paper. Why do local companies require their applicants to have a college degree when most international call whoring businesses don't? I don't get it. An undergrad can be hired by IBM, Convergys, HSBC, and by an international online research company and get paid very good, but can't get into a high-paying "local company"? Compare the odds. If an undergrad got the brains and talents and the desire, who the hell are they to tell him he's not worthy of a high paying 10am-6pm job? Who the fuck are they to tell him that they're smarter and have more value than him just because they have that fucking piece of laminated paper tucked in their sleeves and he doesn't? Ok, I kept on typing him when I meant I. I tried applying in a company sometime last 2007 and got rejected just because I didn't finish my degree. Did that ever happen to you? If not, you're lucky. According to statistics, 73 percent, of college freshmen, either drops out of college before reaching the senior year, or gets a different course and finishes it elsewhere where tuition is lower. They all want a degree so they can land a good job, preferably outside the country. And our moron government, instead of creating more jobs in the country, encourages its people even more to go and work as slaves abroad! I cannot blame our people if they want to. Who wouldn't, if salary is high and they were given the chance? Even I want to get the hell out of the country, for good. I wrote in my previous post about some "what if's" if fate and the powerful force of the universe chose the Philippines to be the most powerful country in the world and not America. Just imagine the Philippines outsourcing its jobs to the US and getting Americans to work as call centre agents for Filipino-owned companies, and forcing them to speak Tagalog in a neutral accent. Haha. Wouldn't that be great? XD

I'm thinking it might be better for me to just leave my desire of becoming an engineer. Quit jumping from one call centre to another and concentrate on becoming a professional telephone whore. Maybe I wasn't supposed to be an engineer. Maybe I was only placed by the universe in Mapua for a few years to help the future engineers pass their subjects by copying on me during exams. It's nice to work at night anyway, and I've been told many times I have the potential and talent to succeed in the call whoring business, so why am I wasting it? (Ooopss... Oh my Gawd, why am I saying these? Didn't I hate this job?)

I loathe the call whoring business, but I'm afraid my adolescent dream of becoming an engineer, or even just graduating, is slowly becoming a thing in the past. Pfft. A friend told me I have to make up my mind and decide and be serious with life before I get older. The climb is getting tougher each day. So, to the kind-hearted and well-off individuals out there who want to help me go back to college, you may leave a comment with your contact details so we can discuss how you can help me finish my Mechanical Engineering degree and be an engineer. Just think of it as a birthday gift for this talented young guy. LOL.

Pre-birthday cake dala ni Ate Nanz. Ubos to bago pa ako mag-birthday, haha.


I'm jobless, I'm broke, but I'm happy. It's actually fun doing nothing! Well, it gets a little boring sometimes but the overall experience of bumming is still great (come on convince yourself more Raf). This is a pre-birthday post so I'm supposed to be happy. Hooray! XD

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