Tuesday, June 29, 2010


PREPOST NOTE: I was initially considering putting this blogsite down for good. But I realized this blog, which you are currently reading, has my name on its title, so, more or less, it holds some meaning to me. So I decided to keep yffar's world, and make it my official-happy-site, and keep all the emoish-litany-blahs away. Expect to see more happy thoughts in this site moving forward. Future blahness and anything negative will be thrown to my other site.

Haven't been doing much these days. So, to make my slothful days, more or less, a little productive, I proactively volunteered to learn to cook. I didn't ask anyone to teach me, mind you. I taught myself. Teee heee! XD Yep, I'm learning to cook. Cooking was one task I thought I'd never learn to sit through. Hotdogs, other than eggs and bacon (hmmmkei, include here anything that only needs frying), were the only ones I can do. Well, until now, I can honestly say I do not really enjoy cooking (it's always a mess when I cook), but it is always good to learn to cook a few dishes. This month, I have mastered (?) a few pinoy dishes, and it's a great feeling to have someone ask you to make them something because they love how you make it. I am talking about my Spaghetti, which I want to call, Yffar's Spaghetti. Teee heee heee! XD My family just love it! My first attempt was more on the Italian-style-side, which I prefer, but my family being wanna-be-candidates for diabetes want my Spaghetti pinoy-style....sweet! I've already cooked it a couple of times, and, again, I'm going to make my mom one tomorrow because it's her birthday! Dyaran! XD Didn't get a chance to take some pics of my mastery before, but I have here some photos of the few dishes I cooked recently. Glad I was able to take some shots just before my family consumed everything.

Fried Pork Strips (marinated in self-made-BBQ sauce) with Fried Potatoes and a Special Dressing (I initially didn't know what to do with the pork. I didn't even know what to call this. Whew, glad it ended up good. )

Pork Nilaga. (This is the first Pinoy Dish I ever cooked. Not bad for a first timer. Teee hee! XD)

Tofu Sisig. Yummy! XD (healthy pulutan)
Other pinoy dishes I can make are Menudo and Pork/Chicken Adobo. Include here my Fried Chicken that can match Jollibee's Chicken Joy (now you know I'm bragging). I will try to take some photos and post them in the future. Okay, okay, okay, I know these are easy dishes, but hey, I never cooked before, and I am learning. XD

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Jepoy said...

Yum yum pero parang hilaw pa ung karne ng nilaga mo Sir! hehehe


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