Monday, January 26, 2009


Admit it or not, we all like feeling superior in some it in the school, in the office, and in the neighbourhood. Even in the videoke bars, we always want to keep the microphone in our hand and kick the competitors out. Come on! Admit it!

Call it arrogance, but usually when I am with a new group of people...let’s say in school, or in the first day of work in a call centre...I usually assume that I am the best, the most well-informed, the most dead-set, the most serious, and the fastest to learn. Okay...I know that may sound “mayabang ” to most of you, but that is how I best adapt with the new surroundings. I want to start strong in everything I do. I want to take the lead. But that is always just in the beginning. It’s like seeing Superman flying effortlessly and mindlessly in the sky until he bangs his head on a lamppost. Ouch!!!

I already talked to my boss at work. Yes. I am resigning from work (again...). We talked half an hour before our shift started last night. Funny thing is, we did not really talk much about my resignation. Instead we talked about how I can help the team get a passing grade in IR, QAM, and Advanis Survey for the month of January. Yep...there I was ...leaving...but planning strategically how I can leave my team gracefully and heroically. Very patriotic huh! :-) Of course I cannot say no to my TL. He’s one of the best and nicest bosses I know (listen...I am not telling this because I am afraid that he might not endorse me to my next employer...I am doing this because, aaahhhh...mmmm...he might just get to read this post. Harhar..) Kidding aside, he’s indeed one of the best I have met in the call centre Industry. He can tell you your bad side without making you feel small, and he can be very straight-forward to you without sounding mean. I respect him. So instead of continuously being absent I decided to put an end on my dilemma that has become his and my team’s dilemma as well. I am resigning. And that is effective until the end of the Month. I am not really sure yet if I can stay until the end of the month though. I am so paking-sik-en-tayrd of spreeeeennnntttttttt!!! We’ll see. But one thing is certain. I am only until the end of January.

Goodbye my friends.

Paking-sheyt!!! I hate saying goodbye. I hate it! No matter what angle you regard it from...saying goodbye was never easy. I learned to love my friends at work. When I told my boss I am quitting...half of my mind was shouting nooooo!!! But I had to stop it. I am no longer doing them any good and I am already making myself suffer. I don’t want to work and I don’t want to talk anymore about people’s screws and unpaid bills!!! Waaaahhhh....!!! I am sick and tired of being sick and tired at work!!! Damn.

When I was handling my boss my resignation letter...I was like freezing and burning at the same time. Weird. I want to get out of “our” world but uncertain if another world is waiting to welcome me. I had to take another risk. I hate it. But as have said, I am sick and tired of being sik-en-tayrd! There’s not much I can do but follow my instinct and believe that a brighter future is waiting for me somewhere.

Now I am like a bacteria tucked in a space equal to my body size. I look above and I see snow and ice...and below is a raging fire. Got nowhere to go now. :-(

I dare you to move, Yffar!!! Like today never happened.

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