Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Don't Cha Try To Define Me Own Life


Yeah. I was really feeling bad a few moments ago. My day did not end well. I've gone thru a bit of argument with a friend. I'm ok now. Better. I believe I am nice, but sometimes I can't help myself but be bitchy especially when people try to define my own life... stuff like, "you have a lot of unresolved issues in your life" or "i know you better than you know yourself" and the sort of. Arrgghh... I hate it. I appreciate the comments and the criticisms, but would appreciate it more had they done it in a more positive and uplifting way. And I hate being compared to other people! Tell me my bad sides but never compare me to anyone...please oh please! I know harsh words really drill deeper in heads, but those words will not do me any good at present time - cos I don't feel like entertaining any flying fucking comments about my life right now. Yeah... Just for now, give me the right to refuse to listen. Let me take care of me own life.

Nuff of sad news.


Good news... It's my mom's birthday! :-) Yeahey!!! And today is her 51'st birthday (10 years ago, LOL). Naku baka magalit si mommy pinagkalat ko pa dito edad nya, harhar.

I'm just sad about the fact that it's her birthday and I am broke. I have not gotten my first salary yet. Sucks. Ooppss... by the way... I already accepted another job offer. And as their Mantra says, they're "The Best Place to Bank" and "The Best Place to Work." Hmmmm....Ok, enough teasing. I'm with HSBC now. Teee heee!

I don't know what they plan to do today. Maybe we'll just have a special dinner outside, I dunno. I'm the one who usually suggests stuff like this when something needs to be celebrated. But I have nothing to spend so I am reserving them, my siblings, the privilege to decide on what to do for my mother's birthday. I am excited. :-) Weeee...

Welll, I'm still in the process of getting myself together. At the rate I am doing, I'm sure it would take me a lot of time to recover. But I am trying to take small steps each day. A gradual process for self-recovery. I can say I am ok right now, but not really good. A big part is still missing. Pffft...

But hey, it's mom's Bday! Better forget about all those blues for now! Yeahah!!!


elYAS said...

@kuya raffy: spiritual dryness. yun ata ang tawag sa phase na to. haha glad i am able to get over it, kung hindi naging aetheist na siguro ako.

thanks for sharing your views and shitnesses ng buhay. apir! nakakatuwa! salamat din sa pag punta sa kuta ko. sa uulitin!

JANCAHOLiC said...

ano yung spiritual dryness?
*hihi tanong lang

yihee ! may work na ;]congrats
happy birthday kay mommy mo ;]

Yffar Edlacer said...

@elYAS: yep, spiritual dryness ngang maituturing ang phase na 'yon. maganda at nakarecover ka na. Ako hindi pa, sa buhay ispiritual ko nasa gray-area parin ako... wala sa black wala rin sa white. Pero hindi ko na gaanong iniisip yon. Gusto ko lang naman maging masaya. Yun lang muna. Pfft...

Salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking site! Apir!

@JANCAHOLIC: thanks sa pagbasa. bakit pala JANCOHOLIC? hindi ka naman sana alcoholic. XD Spiritual dryness, ayun na, sinabi ko na sa itaas. Salamat sa pagbati, pagkasweldo ko hanapin mo ako at ililibre kita ng kape sa Starbucks! [kailangan mo nga lang muna akong hanapin, hehe.] Salamat sa pagdalaw sa aking site. Apir din! XD

Reolcyl said...

hanep naman..hehe. may mga tao din plang ganyan, jan? hmmm,

Yffar Edlacer said...

Thanks for visiting my site Reo. I was trying to write a comment on your site, pero ayaw lumabas ng comment option. I dunno what's goin on. I'll try it again some other time. You take care! Apir! XD

Anonymous said...

perstaym kong magcomment. wala bang welkam-to-this-blog shitnitz jan? huhlolz!

seriously, i agree with the points that you raised about individuality. everyone's different no matter how much alike one might be with another. sheesh! i'm speaking in paradoxes! huhlolz!

Yffar Edlacer said...

@Lio Loco: As you have requested -"Welcome to my blog!" lol.

Hehe, korek ka dyan! Medyo contradicting nga lang talaga when we say we are all DIFFERENT no matter how much ALIKE we are with others. XD Speaking of individuality, I don't want to spoil the point of "individual uniqueness" here, but let me just say this - sa pic mo parang kahawig mo si Champ ng bandang Hale. XD

I read your blog, and I'm following it now actually. You write good man, galing! Good luck sa review mo at nawa'y maging Certified Pekpek Arouser ka, este, Certified Public Accountant pala. XD harhar



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