Saturday, June 27, 2009

SDATNY (Fiction / Short-Short Story)

In the few minutes that divide afternoon and night, Ronie found himself staring at the window of his condo in Bakersfield. Excited. He’s going to get married. “Finally.” he said himself. After fixing himself, he picked up his luggage which he had prepared the other night and took another glance out the window before leaving.

He took a cab to get to the airport. Memories were flashing back, ”Same date and time next year". That was the promise they exchanged each other. The old lovers are going to see each other again to get married. He is so sure. The feeling is undeniably strong. He’s very certain of what he wants to do. And he knows that it’s what his most beloved woman wants too. He believes that the fire is still there. He loves her. He does. He believes

Things between Ronie and his object of affection happened in a flash. They were once strangers who met unexpectedly during their stay in Puerto Galera. Both were vacationing alone, doing random soul-searching. Both were engaged to someone else and were about to get married in two weeks. And they both fell in love with each other, unexpectedly.

Everything between them happened out of the blue. But for them it is an affair worth keeping forever. A week of love affair it is, yes. But for them it is a relationship that would defeat that of a thousand years. They are madly in love. What happened between them on day one, when they were both drunk, developed into something more mature. All were good and they were happy until the day it was time to leave the island.

After packing their things, they had their last walk…the last talk…on the beach. They walk holding each other's hand without saying anything. Neither one of them wants to break the silence. No one wants to say goodbye. It was time to board the boat when the woman asked, “What happens next?”. Her eyes were clouding with tears but Ronie says nothing. She barely looked up from the sand because she knows she’ll cry in any moment. They climbed the boat without uttering any word.

They were getting near the port. She already asked him but didn’t get an answer. At that very point, she knows that silence doesn’t always mean yes. His expression remained neutral while looking at the port where the Lover’s boat will soon halt. She hugged him. He remained still. He knows that everything between them is wrong, even from the beginning. But inside he is screaming because he believes – no, he knows – that she is the one for him. The relationship he has with his soon-to-be-wife passed out of existence. He loves her new woman. Yes, he does. And just in time when the boat reached the port, he hugged her back and they kissed for minutes. Untill it was time to leave. He then told her…”Let’s meet again, same date and time next year in the White Beach. On the same spot where we first met. If we are still free, same date and time next year, then that means we are meant to be together. Let’s get married by then!” She cried a big “Yes!” They hugged and kissed for the last time.

Now, Ronie is on his way to the same place... keeping his word. He reached the airport and waited an hour and a half before learning that his United Airlines Flight is cancelled. An engine has to be replaced. He will miss his connecting flight to Tokyo, and so his arrival in Manila would have to wait for a night. UAL will have the passengers booked in a Hotel while the plane’s engine is replaced. Nothing is worst than missing a flight when you know someone is waiting for you on the other side of the world. Ronie can't wait to get hold of her love. There’s not much he can do though, but wait. Three days. Three days before their agreed date. Three days before their anniversary. And he can’t wait to see her again.

Without any other choice, Ronie sat on the bus that UAL provided, and waited for the other stranded and frustrated passengers get inside. Fifteen minutes passed, and a very beautiful woman sat beside him. Each gave their most wonderful smile. Ronie started the conversation. They started with hi-hello. Casual talk began and it went very smooth. ROnie feels it again... something he never expected to happen. The bus drove down Alexander Boulevard and stopped at the Mountainback at Mammoth Hotel, where the passengers will spend the rest of the night. Their conversation was interrupted when the UAL employee announced- “We’re here.” Passengers were guided into the Hotel and were given room assignments. Ronie looked at the wonderful woman he has been conversing with and smiled. Both know what each other is thinking. They both looked at the Hotel employee... and Ronie said, "We’ll stay in one room".

At that moment, Ronie believes – no, he knows – that he has just met the one for him.


Copyright © 2009, Yffar Edlacer, All rights reserved

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Jm Benavidez Estoque said...

wow! are you a professional writer? I think so.
Ang ganda ng istorya nya.
yung template nyo rin ang ganda...

sa'n nyo yan nakuha kuya?

Yffar Edlacer said...

Thanks for dropping by. Hindi ako propesyonal na manunulat, wala lang magawa. :-)

My template is from

maganda rin ang site mo. very impressive. galing!


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