Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Death The permanent termination of the biological
functions that define a living organism

Death is as natural as life...they exist together; life followed by death. It is expected that when life begins, death will follow sooner or later. It happens on everything. And it will happen to everyone. Meron psychologist student dati, nabasa ko sa newspaper, he killed himself because he can't see his reason for living, something that almost happened to me, yun lang, masyado syang nadaig ng psychological-whatever nya, nabaliw na siguro siya ng tuluyan kakaisip kung bakit nga ba kailangan pang mabuhay kung mamamatay rin naman.

"Every man dies - Not every man really lives."
-William Ross Wallace

I mentioned to an American friend that it's my dad's 5'th death anniversary today. He asked me if we really celebrate it. Haha...of course we don't celebrate it, we just remember it. We then got into a bit of argument about remembering the dead.

"I don't really see your point. Why do you remember your dead? They're gone. They don't exist anymore. They're nothing. Zilch!", that's my friend speaking.

I was thinking of a witty comeback answer but I wasn't able to produce any, so I just simply said, "We want to."

"You just want to???", he said, "Dead people are...obviously...dead. They're dirt now. Going to their grave, giving flowers, lighting candles, offering food, or whatever other weird things that you do to your dead, are totally illogical." Him sounding very analytical and logical.

Arrrggghh.... I wanted to smack him, but I wasn't really in the mood for any physical fight and argument. Obviously, he doesn't understand how I feel. The only culture he knows is his and his Korean students'.

I answered, "Death ended my father's life, but not the relationship that exists between us. So shut the hell up!!! (of course I din't say the last part. hehe)

Buti talaga tumigil sya, dahil malapit na malapit ko na sya masapok. Pero naiintindihan ko sya, dahil kung sa mga matatanda nga nila eh wala silang pakialam, lalo na siguro sa mga yumao. (Tagalog para hindi nya maintindihan sakaling mabasa nya 'to, hehe.)

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