Thursday, September 3, 2009


What a great way to start the month: (1) I have a Stage-2 Hypertension and my doctor won't give me a fit to work med cert because of some pending lab results and (2) My sister got into a motorcycle accident with her "good-for-nothing" boyfriend.

My sister is not doing good. She broke her left arm's humerus and she has bruises all over her body. Mind you, she BROKE her bone, it's not dislocated nor a minor fracture. Just imagine splitting a chocolate-wafer-stick into two - that's how it looks like. She's scheduled for operation tomorrow noon, metal plates will be used to reconnect her broken bone, and the healing process might take upto 3-4months. Arrgghh. Awang-awa ako sa kanya... :-(

Oh, her boyfriend? He's perfectly fine - just a small bruise on his elbow. Malakas pa sa kalabaw. Great. I WANT TO KILL HIM!!!

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bghie said...

so sorry to hear bout that raf..txt m kmi kung musta na sister mo...sang hosp?


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