Monday, November 16, 2009

Star Studded Shitness

The previous entry was such a crap. Please accept my apology. Ang Cheesy kasi eh, harhar, XD

I seldom watch the idiot box these days. To be honest, the only shows I've been seeing lately are just Eat Bulaga and PBB. I know many of you hates the latter. Well, me too, but not really in the exact way of hate-hate. I find the show more like a blah-shitness-but-entertaining media crap. Consider it like getting the goods in bacterias. It's like a probiotic drink (putek, why am I comparing it to a probiotic drink? It's like comparing apples and shit). Anyway, seeing those people's daily shitnesses inside the big brother's oddly-colored-house gives me the idea that my life is not bad afterall, hindi kagaya nila na kailangan pang ibenta ang pribadong buhay para lang magkapangalan at magkaroon ng kaperahan. Pathetic, really, but I cannot blame them. Besides, everyone has their own reason in whatever they do and do not do.

I'm not typing this entry to blather about the happenings inside the oddly-colored house. Going back to the idiot box, I noticed a lot of tv commercials airing these days are those of people running for office. Now, thats what I really call pathetic. They're as pathetic as the San Marino corned tuna commercial.

Dingdong: Ooh lala, I am handsome and macho, so
let's eat corned tuna that tastes like corned beef!

Marian: Oh yeah, I am so beautiful and sexy, so
let's eat corned tuna that tastes like corned beef!
They all, equally, don't make sense. If I were to make a law and change/remove a few things that I think are very inappropriate, both in tv and politics, those political tv commercials and print ads would be on my list. I will ban them! The same with the signages and government mobiles that identify public officials as the source of public works and such. Geez... It's our money they're using for self-promotion. Why don't they just simply do their jobs?

I want to be honest, I will not vote this coming election. I'm hearing you asking "why?" and you telling me how my vote can help change our country. Errr, but sorry, my vote will surely not matter. The up coming election is a no-brainer, not in the sense that I know who exactly will win. I don't need to think much because with the current line up of the people running for presidency...walang dudang wala kang pagpipiliang matino. The best you can do is to choose the least of all evil. It's like choosing between "taeng lasang cake" and "cake na lasang tae". Kahit anong piliin mo talo ka. Hahaha...gross, sorry. I guess a cake that tastes like shit is still the best option. It is still a cake afterall, hehehe. Sorry, but I don't have the time to rectify the best shit among them pile of shits

Natawa ako at naasar ng sabay nung makita ko ang commercial ni Noynoy, pati na nung ibang mga kandidato. They all make me sick, especially Noynoy's star studded commercial. Eeww. Parang pang Film Festival yung commercial nya. Listen, I'm not against nor pro Noynoy. In fact, integrity wise, I was thinking he is the best (among all evils) in the presidential candidates line-up, until he made that commercial. Christ, have mercy please!

Speaking of Noynoy and his star studded commercial:
Right after the burial of his mother, former president Cory Aquino, supporters started to surface urging him to run for presidency. I find it really pathetic that he listened to them. The problem of this "Noynoy for President" shitness hype, I think, is that it is based on popularity and sympathy rather than an intelligent decision. I don't know how long "The Aquino Magic" will last on him. He's not a bad politician, but definitely not special neither. He's the sort of unnoticeable and forgettable politician, and he had not done much to be considered a possible president of this country. His petty accomplishments as a congressman and senator are not good-enough indicators of a possible-future-president. But look at him now (and the stars around him in his commercial, LOL)...running for office. I've never seen him get this much of attention until the much mourned death of her mother. Sikat bigla si Noynoy eh! Yeah, but it is not something that I'd be proud of if I were him. Obviously, Noynoy's supporters are just overwhelmed with the legacy left by Cory and Ninoy Aquino, that they were, like, "obliged" to hand the torch to Noynoy and give him an equal level of trust they gave his parents. Come on! I find it completely ridiculous. If I were Noynoy, I'd try to create a name for myself first. He might have the same integrity that his parents had, but having integrity and being "The Aquino's son" are not the only qualifying factors that make a good president. Competency, among all others, should be considered first, and not popularity. Reality check, being an Aquino is the only edge he has.

Speaking of Popularity:
We, Filipinos, have been showing that popularity is our main basis on electing government officials. No wonder why the stupid-action-star, elected president of the Philippines, now I hear, wants to run for office again! I don't want to go through the trouble of explaining how bad Erap was, and I am not a laywer to thoroughly explain the legality of his rerunning, but as what as the constitution says - The president can only run for one term. Give me a break please, the law is very clear. Now that Pacquiao won his fight with Cotto, I wouldn't be surprised if I hear people pushing him to run for whatever government position again, just like in the 2006 election where he lost. No wonder why Mar Roxas did his fucking marriage proposal on an equally fucking noontime show (but this is under the water now since Mar already backed out to give way to Noynoy). No wonder why Edu Manzano was chosen as the official candidate for Vice President, along side with the presidential aspirant Gibo Teodoro. No wonder why the fucking noontime show host Willie Revillame is rumored to run too. The reason is very obvious. Sad but true, popularity has become the Philippines' standard of excellence-shitness during elections. That sucks. When will we ever learn?


Please, do not force me to vote, ok? I already decided I will not vote and that is final. You may say how un-Filipino and negative I am, but I won't give a flying fuck. As I've said - it's a no-brainer. No matter who you choose, you still lose. Maybe on the next presidential election, I might find a candidate worthy of my vote.

author's note:
sorry about all the "fuck" and "shitty" words i used. those are just the exact words that best describe how i feel as i type this.


Jepoy said...

I read your description on your profile, Count me in as your another reader moving forwards (shit napa english ako dun Ampots!)

Yffar Edlacer said...

hehehe, thanks Jepoy! Naaliw ako sa mga posts mo sa blog mo. Keep them coming! XD


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