Wednesday, November 18, 2009

2012 (and my friends missing in action)

I watched 2012 yesterday. Errr... I find the movie OK.
Before I blather about the movie, I want to express first how dissatisfied I am with my friends. I was supposed to watch the movie with at least 5 friends, but ended up watching with only one, which isn't bad. Well, I'm not going to mention names here. They know exactly who they are. Arrgghh... To friend #1, though you didn't go with us because of the usual husband-wife issue, it's's understandable. To friend #2, yeah, nakakatamad naman talaga at nakakaantok manood ng's also understandable...and it's also arrgghh. To friend #3, well, it's ok too...I know that you and friend #2 always come in package...none of you goes without the other...well, it's also understandable. To Belle, thanks to you. Though it was just the two of us, it beats watching the movie alone. And I enjoyed our date. Teee heee! XD Sa susunod ulit ha! Ikaw nalang iinvite ko.

Getting back to the movie:
It was OK. The plot of the story is, obviously, about the end of the world. Great cinematic effects, I must say. It's a WOW! Quite similar to the effects in The Day After Tomorrow, but expect more from 2012. I cried in the movie. X( I really can't imagine saying goodbye to my loved ones and having a devastating end. The movie also showed how unfair the world is. In the movie (If you haven't seen it, please quit reading. This is a bit of a spoiler, I warn you) they built a bunch of hi-tech arks that are supposed to save mankind. But of course, only a few were chosen since it is logically impossible to fit the entire population of human race in 3 arks no matter how big they are. Well, they weren't really chosen, they paid...of course. The seats on the super-dooper-hi-tech Arks were sold for 1 Billion Euro each. That's the same money they used in building the Arks. Only the highest officials and scientists and and richest people of the first world countries were made aware of the devastating end of the world and of the hi-tech Arks they're building. In the first place, without these private money, nothing could have been done. Just imagine how unfare that is to the people who don't belong to the same social economic status. It leaves a bunch of normal people, like me and Belle and the rest of the people inside the theater, who cannot afforrd 1B Euro, sweating hard and feeling sorry for the ordinary people in the movie who are bound to die because they don't have the money. Yeah, my hands were sweating up a storm while I was watching the movie. I was like, "OMG - I need to get a high-paying job starting next week and start saving so I can afford that 1Billion Euro in 2012!"

You prolly asking who made the hi-tech arks, and where? I find this really funny. The Arks were built in China. I assume the people responsible for building the Arks made a bid to various companies/contractors around the world to find the best deal, and the Chinese were obviously the cheapest option. To be honest, I don't trust products that are made in China. I guess the quality of the ark didn't really matter in the movie, LOL. Ooppss, sorry, it's just my personal opinion. I have nothing against China.

Where are the Arks going? They're going to Africa (if my memory serves me right) - which is the only land spared by mother nature's fury and emerges from the water. Only question is, how long would the people inside the Arks last If the arks can hold X-number of people with Y-number of food supply. I guess cannibalism will eventually answer that issue - and that's another story. XD
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Medyo magulo talaga ang kwento ko para mas piliin nyong manood.
I'm not gonna give further info about the movie. Just watch it. The cinematic effects are awesome, but the story is a bit off. I wish the creators of 2012 made a better story line for the characters.

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