Saturday, September 25, 2010

Letters from the past

I rummaged my cabinet last night in search of my old college engineering books. It was surprising that I don't understand a thing now in Thermodynamics.  That was one of my favorite subjects.  Well, i tried to do a quick review and dang, I am jacked!  Looks like the 4 years I spent in college had gone to waste. Pffft. But that's not what I want to write about today.

But this.... 
Box full of letters from my high school classmate in 4th yr.

These are letters I received from my high school classmates during our retreat (I studied in a Catholic High School) and graduation day. After 10 yrs, it was interesting to read them again. So, I went reading them all to find out that, hey, I was such an incredibly cute and extremely nice friend to my classmates! Ok ok, they didn't really say all that in the letters, but you see, I have extra time to type the rest, and again this is my blog. And I really think I am cute. Bite me. Tee hee hee! :-)

Here's one real funny letter from my high school friend Kathy. She printed it on a short bond paper and rolled it like a diploma. Note, I didn't change a single word she wrote, so this is the "actual" letter I have in paper.

(My name)

Well, for sure ma mimiss mo ako

Kasi I'm gorgeous
I'm cool, kind and cute
I understand you being an engkanto na nagkatawan tao
I'm always there when you need me kahit nga di mo ako kailangan
I know your moods and bear each one of them
I tell you my secrets
I brighten up your days with my smiles and laughters
In short I'm "PERFECT"
I'm different and most of all I'm "humble"

But seriously speaking,
You're fun to be with
Di mo ba napapansin ang dami na ng friends mo
And it's all because of me
Kasi marunong kang makisama
Sabi nila good son ka daw pero di ako naniniwala doon
Alam mo na bihirang balita'y magtapat, magkatotoo may
Marami na'ng dagdag
Salamat sa time mo na binigay mo sa amin para
Kausapin kami
Sana pagdating ng panahon na you already reached
Your dream in life, you're still the same Raffy na
Nakilala ko.

Thank you once again
Good day and Good luck!

Have fun and enjoy your life!
Keep on smilin' make it a habit 3x a day!


This is the actual letter from Kathy. :-)

Close kami nung high school Kathy.  But we lost contact in college.  Great thing somebody created facebook. XD

Here's another letter I want to share with you guys. This one is also funny because - well, errr, just read it:

I won't tell who wrote me this letter. XD

If you can't read it from the image above, the letter says "God Bless!!! Thanks for everything kahit minsan asar ako sa 'yo. At this very moment change your bad attitude."  Hahahaha.....I really laughed hard when I read this! :-) I was a good student and friend as far as I remember. Apparently someone didn't like me that much, tee hee hee!  Kaya ko siya madalas asarin dati kasi crush ko sya nung high school.  Crush lang naman.  Iba yung love ko. I'm not telling who wrote me this letter. I didn't see her again after high school, I heard she's a teacher now (not sure).

Natatawa parin ako sa letter.  Chage your bad attitude daw, hehehehe!  Gagraduate na nga lang kami galit pa rin, hehehe!  XD

That's all for now. XD

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