Tuesday, September 28, 2010

May it rest in peace

My ideology of using gadgets, tools, and other personal things is quite simple - use them until they die, or until they fall apart, or until they fail you, or until they hurt you and let you fall.

Well last night, past midnight, I fell... and it hurt!

Waaaah...puta...my swivel chair, my executive leather swivel chair!!!

I have had this for a year and a half only.  Pfft.  Now I realized how important the how-to-use-instructions are.  Well actually I didn't see it.  The effing warning sign, which I only saw last night hiding underneath the chair, says "Do not use this product on slippery hard floor, like a tile sureface, for example."  I knew it, dang!  I thought my chair wouldn't mind being used on a tiled floor.  So much for its price.

Pota...bawal daw sa tiled floor.  Demmet.

I should have placed a mat under the chair.  But, to be honest, I really don't know who to blame - my weight, or the tiled floor.  Maybe I really should lose weight. @_@

The chair was P3,299 from SM South Mall appliance center.    I remember the number because the tag was only removed last month.  Pfft.  Getting a replacement now is not possible.  Puta wala pa akong pera! 

I need my comfortable chair since I'm in front of the computer again most of the time. I kinda shoooed away from the web for a little while when I was busy with oil painting. But since my limited financial ability (which has actually gone to zero now) couldn't buy me both food and oil paint, I decided to stop my oil painting, temporarily. I don't know when I can go back to painting. (So there went my fantasy of oil painting exhibit and stardom in December). Pfft. Now that I don't have money, things around me are starting to fall apart, one by one - literally. First was my electric fan (which I managed to fix - yeah I know how to fix its wirings - thanks to my dad). Then my 2 cellphones which have been both acting up lately. And now my swivel chair! (What am I gonna do with the leather?  Make a jacket?) So here I am, sitting on a monoblock chair.  How's that. Gawd!

Tonight's prayer: "I willingly surrender the soul of my executive leather swivel chair. I'm giving it back to you. But please, spare my computer."

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