Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saging na Saba in Can (Cardava Banana in Can)

Video from Youtube

Found this video in youtube. Hahaha... sick Panda!  I remember when I was in first year highschool, we were asked to create a commercial skit in our Home Economics Class. I think we were studying Marketing - or how effective tv commercials are in promoting products. The class was divided into groups, and each group was given different products to promote. We also made a design for our product labels. Mind, the products that we created were bizarre ones - like Saging na Saba in Can, Injectible Eye-Mo (this was the best, lolz), and eerrr, I forgot the other products. Our group had the Saging na Saba in Can.  The whole group conceptualized the idea for the commcercial, and we only needed two actors. Nieto acted as the sari-sari store owner, and I played the customer buying Saging na Saba in Can.  In effect, here's our commercial skit:

Customer (Me):
Pabili nga pooooo......

Store Owner (Nieto): Ano?
Buyer: Mama, pabili nga po ng Saging na Saba in Can.
Store Owner: Wala.
Customer: Wala? Wala po kayong Saging na Saba in Can?
Store Owner: Wala nga!
Customer: Hindi nga?! (frustrated tone)
Store Owner: Sinabi ng wala..wala..wala!!!
Customer: (Now really angry and ready to hit the store owner)  Hindi pwede!!!  Gusto ko ng Saging na Saba in Can!!! Akin na ang Saging na Saba in Can!!!

And the frusrated customer attacked the store owner. The end of skit.

We wanted to show our product as something to die for (well in this case, something to kill for, hehehe). We wanted to make it funny but nobody laughed - for real.  I think it was funny, but most in the class didn't get it.  The dimwits.

The Saging na Saba in Can comes in different flavors, btw.

Teehee! XD

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