Sunday, February 1, 2009


It is final. I am now officially resigned from Convergys Alabang. Yeahey! (???) Well, I am not really happy about it. Okay... I am happy, but not so much. I badly need a break. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired at/of work. Yeah... go ahead... call me lazy, coz I really am... call me stupid for trashing such a good and stable job... call me whatever you want... but I don’t give a shit. Continuing my work in the company won’t do me any good. I know quitting my job is not the solution to find what I really want to do with my life, whatever that is, but somehow it gives me a quick fix to my daily suffering. I am sick and tired of what I was doing at work. My resignation from work is still a secret at home. My mom doesn’t know about it. I really don’t have a bit of intention of letting my mom know. Well, I know she would know sooner or later once any of my sisters get to read this post.

Saying goodbye ain’t easy. But sometimes, you just need to do matter how hard it is.

I would like to say thanks to all the people who played important roles in my life in CVG. Special thanks to the following people:

1. To Portia (Por-tee-yah) and Donna in CCT. Sorry guys, I forgot your last names. But I would like to thank you for....ahh...for....ahmmm...ah....ah...(Shite! Where’s my grammar???) Thank you! (Less talk, less mistake!)

2. To Mr. Jeremy Jolito for giving me a perfect score (105 over 100) in the Call Certification, and for believing that I can be a top agent. Thanks for believing, but I was never a top agent...I guess I have to say sorry too. Haha. And, Hey hey hey... if ever you get to read this, I want to remind you that you still owe me a burger in Brother’s Burger!!! I was the first to sell a phone and a connection card!!! Remember??? Where’s my Burger now?!? Arrrggghh....

3. To the lovely Ms. Len Perilla (my first TL in CVG), thanks for being very PATIENT, and for not letting me quit the Job. FYI: I attempted to resign twice when I was still under her... but she didn’t let go off me. She gave me a HUGE amount of time to think it over. Thank you for the support when I applied for MOD. (I didn’t make it because I failed to answer a very sane question by the interviewer. I was asked what their new name was...and I failed to answer it. Dang!!! Paking sheyt...Floor Assistant!!!) Thank you also for calling me Mr. KMS of the team, though I would have appreciated it more if you had called me Mr. CVG. Hahaha.

4. To Chris! Man! You are the first person I became really close with. This is a confession: Sorry to the rest of my team, but Chris, and Lucky were the only ones I wanted to be friends with way back in CCT. I like quiet and simple and tame people. Believe me, he was the nicest in Wave 128. And when I think of Chris, I remember this first: Humility is Beauty! Thank you for texting me when I don’t go to work. You never fail to be the first to ask “Kamusta na tol?” during my absence. Thanks man! Inum parin tayo lagi ha!!!

5. To Serge! Man! aka Mr. Davao! aka Bata ni Boy Abunda! Haha. Thank you for all the words of wisdom! Thanks for making our drinking sessions more enjoyable and memorable with your song and dance numbers. Thanks for appreciating my importance and existence in the team. You are the one who always say “Si Raffy pa!” I know you believe in me, and I thank you for that. You always said I am Naruto. But I have a bad news, I am not Naruto. I may be Shikamaru, but not Naruto. You are Naruto. I never saw anyone as persistent as you are. You started slow, but look at you now! And yes, go and soar high Serge! Be the best Hokage that there never was! And wait, don’t forget my boomerang, ok? I want a genuine one from Australia! (Wow...Sergio is going to Australia! Yey!!!) You might wanna bring copies of your resume too. Well, you know what I mean. :-) And remember...we are not slammers! We are updaters! Haha. Videoke parin tayo sa Centre Stage pag may pera ha!!!

6. To Lucky! Where are you now? :-( I heard you already resigned ahead of me. I want to thank you for the good conversation you provided during our first day in CCT. Remember, I was talking to you in Filipino but you kept answering me back in English! Haha. You’re one of the few people I liked in CCT (note: I love them all now, ok). Thank you for being so nice, and for making me laugh when you were still with us. What comes after K? Oh yes it’s L, not for Lucky, but L for Lala. :-) I fell off my chair when I heard you talking to your customer in a very loud voice, “A as in Apple, D s in David, and L as in LALA.” Lala? :-)

7. To Kaloy! Man! Boy Highblood! Haha. Tell you what, (FYI: that’s his fave transition statement in selling) my first impression on you?!? NR (no reaction). Haha. Ok, I’ll tell you now, you got me intimidated the first time I heard you speak way back in CCT. “Here’s the man who knows what he is talking about”, that’s what I told myself when I heard you, and MJ, introduced yourselves. The rest of us were all trying to sound good but you two seemed to be a natural talker. But my amazement disappeared when I learned that you finished A.B. Communications in college, and MJ was raised in California. Dang, your English should really be damn good!!! It bloody should! Haha. Just a piece of unsolicited advice man... do not overrate yourself. You are good, but do not be over confident. You are young and you have a lot of potential. I won’t be surprised if I see you as an OM someday. Just work silently and let them see your worth. Titext ka naming pag iinom kami ha!!!

8. To Bam! Man! Boy Tuhog! Haha. When we first saw you and Jayz, we thought you were gay! Haha. Little that we know you are a certified BBQ King, Mr. Casanova! (FYI: next to him is Serge, haha.) Well, I’d like to thank you for bringing more laughter to the team. Thanks for hosting our day-off-drinking-sessions, and I am looking forward to more! And yes, as you’ve said, now that I am gone, there’s no more Batman and Robin...just Robin. You need to find a new partner in crime, Robin. And never forget that you are Robin, and I am Batman. Did I make myself clear?!? But now that I am gone, I am letting you be Batman. And the secret of my super-dooper-typing-power... I will share it to you when we meet again. Ok Robin? Haha! Oh, another thing....remember what I told you before I left??? Make your idle moments productive...update update update as much as you can!!! Dun tayo sa flat mo every off, inum tayo!!!

9. To Belle! Our original Soft drink beauty, Belinda Mirinda. Belle!!! Why did you get yourself pregnant by another man?!? :-( What happens now to your promises? What happens to us now? Waaaahhh.... (Haha!) Kidding aside, I’d like to thank you for listening to my dilemmas thru text. You are a funny and bubbly girl, and that’s why everybody loves you. You are fun to text with, but I don’t know why you seldom text me now :-(. I always liked sitting beside you. You never failed to make me laugh during idle moments, and even when on a call, and I thank you for that. We are both very flexible in handling calls while chatting about non-work-related stuffs. And that is why we were always on the top list of highest AHT during Len’s term, haha. But you’ve changed a lot now. Look at you now (your pregnant.. haha) . Imagine, you’re now the Top 2 agent in the centre!!! Wow!!! Gujeb Belle!!! Ninong ako ha!!! :-) Pag nanganak ka na inuman ulit tayo!!!

10. To Ghie! Ghie!!! The most dead-set and serious in stats! :-). Hmmm... what can I say. You seem pretty happy now with your love life, and I am happy for you. Thank you for making me feel welcomed every time I go back to work from a-couple-of-days of absence. You always welcomed me with a warm “Teddy!!!” I will surely miss your hugs and hearing you calling me “Teddy...” If ever you’d have any problem... do not hesitate to call me. I may not be a good adviser but I am a good listener. I wish you and your hubby forever happiness. And also, thank you for the gift you gave me on my birthday. I use it every day! Inum ulit tayo kala Bam pag off nyo ha!!!

11. To Mai! Jerms!!! Jermalinaaaahhh!!! Why did you get yourself pregnant by another man?!? :-( What happens now to your promises? What happens to us now? Waaaahhh.... (hmmm...did you notice the wonder of copy-and-paste). Kidding aside, you are almost like Belle. I like you too, but only as a friend, ok!!! You are and will always be my partner in absences. I have a confession to make to TL Len (I hope she get to read this): I was supposed to go to work on New Year’s Eve of 2008. But when I was preparing myself for work, Jermalina called me and convinced me not to go to work!!! This is what she said, if my memory serves me right; “Raffy... papasok ka ba? Wag na!!! Absent na tayo!!! Isang absence lang yan... at ang New Year celebration, once a year lang mangyari yan!!! Tara na!!! Absent na tayo!!!” Then I replied...”Ano naman ang idadahilan mo? Eh ako, ano naman ang sakit ko???” She said, “may rhinitis ako (sabay hihihihi....) ikaw bahala ka na sa sakit mo, isip ka ng unique!” Told her, “di na ako pwede magkagastro kasi yun na sakit ko last week...ah...alam ko na!!! May pyrophobia ako!!! Teka fear of fire yun diba? Pwede na siguro yun!!!” Mai: “Hihihihi!!!” Me: “Hihihihi!!!” So, TL Len, I really am sorry. I would have gone to work if Mai didn’t influence me. (mmm...reminds me of what Yeyette said, I was influenced by **bleep**). Oist, pag nanganak ka na sama ka ulit sa centre stage ha!!!

12. To Mami Ghie!!! Mami!!! Thank you for the motherly love you’ve been giving me. I really appreciate all your advices and kindness. You were always beside me when I was down. You know when I feel sad and you always try to cheer me up. I think I would have not survived a year and a half of torture at work without you. Will miss you always mami Ghie. I wish you good luck in your new account. And also, I would like to thank you for caring so much about me. I remember what TL Len told me when I was about to resign from work. She said “Malulungkot si Mami Ghie...she told me you are the last person she’d want to resign from work...kausapin daw kita...”. I was touched! And so I stayed, because of you and TL Len. See...ang laki ng impluwensya mo sa buhay ko sa trabaho! Sama ka ulit sa next Centre Stage session namin ha!!!

13. To Gni!!! Eh ano kung Engineering ka....MAPUA ka ba??? Hahaha!!! Mabuhay ang MAPUANS!!! Where are you now, by the way? I haven’t seen you for ages. I am beginning to worry now. Baka kinidnap ka na ng mga arabo!!! I sure hope not. Thanks for lending me a few series of the Sandman! I still have two of your books. Can I keep them for good? Please.... :-) Thanks for the friendship Gni!!! Untill this day, I am still thinking if I will follow the diet secret you shared me. I am afraid I might kill myself with it. Oist!!! Isang beses ka palang sumama samin sa inuman!!! Takte, sumama ka na sa gimik pagbalik mo ha!!! Wala na naman si husband mo!

14. To Joselito Soliman Sagum!!! Aka Joey!!! TL!!! Sorry for all my absences... :-( ... sorry 100x. Listen: You are the Bestest TL I ever had!!! I really had a nice time working with you. The team has improved a lot, performance wise, because of your hard work and patience and good leadership. I owe you a lot. You might not be aware, but you taught me a lot of things. I appreciate all your advises and I enjoyed listening to and learning from your experiences in life. If there’s someone that I’d like to become someday, that would be you. And I promise...I will try not to be hard to myself again, and I will always try to focus on the positive things. Would love to be your subordinate again if ever I’d go back to CVG. We’ll see. TL...pag pumunta kami ulit sa bahay mo, sana may Fruit Salad ulet ha!!! *wink*

15. To Mr. Steven Conway!!! Sir!!! Hahaha. He was my last customer. I told him he need not worry coz the problem is going to fix itself. He hung up on me. Harharhar....nice move!!!

To the people not mentioned not feel bad. You all played an important role in my CVG-life. I am just too lazy to enumerate you guys one by is just too troublesome doing this...saying thank you and goodbye to everyone...arrrgggghhhh...what a work.

Listen guys...I love all my friends in the office...and you know who you are. Just continue being good even when I am no longer around. Remember, God is watching us from a distance.

Cheese. :-)

Byerts everyone. I wish you all the best in life. Hope you wish me same.

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Anonymous said...

bad trip nmn to binaliktad ang situation kaw kaya ng BI sakn! amf.. pag nabasa ni tl len to bka kng ano pa maisip nun ang sipag sipag ko kaya pmsk wala ko absent nahawa lng ako syo. hahah


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