Friday, February 27, 2009

SURROGATE BOYFRIEND (fiction / short-short story)

Can you go with me to the party with my colleagues?” I asked, still trying to sound cute. That was the third time I asked her that question. But she’s really good in ignoring questions and shifting to another topic. She grabbed my hand and walked me to the clothes store that socialite women, and gay men, swoon over.

She started running her hands on the clothes displayed on the New-Arrival section of the shop the moment we stepped inside. “Does this look good?” She asked me. I gave her an Ok-nod. We just had a fight the night before and I don’t want to spend another night on the phone apologizing because she's upset. It happens a lot. Petty fights that gone major due to petty reasons. I wanted that night to be special. I didn’t want to get into another hot water.

“You think so? Hmmmm...nope... I think it won’t look good on me.” Fishing through the clothes again she saw two more dresses that interest her. “Oh, these look perfect!" This time she didn’t ask me if it really were perfect. She handed me her bag and walked away. I wanted to tell her “They’re not perfect honey, but they will be once you put them on.” But she’s gone to the fitting room.

Trying to figure out what exactly is happening between us makes me crazy. I looked outside the store and glanced at the other couple walking outside the shop. “Why can’t we be like a normal couple?” That was the question I cannot dare answer. Everything is blurry.

Minutes passed and she finally went out of the fitting room. She called me. With the way she look, I know exactly something is wrong. I approached and asked her what’s going on. Face-all-frowned, she turned her back on me and I saw the lace of her dress all tangled up with the necklace I gave her two weeks ago. “I see.”

I guided her back inside the fitting room. “What the hell did you do with it?”

“It’s the damn necklace you gave me! This isn’t the first time it got me into trouble. Last week was my hair, and now it’s my shirt. Ohhh!!!” She said in dismay.

“Easy, honey. I have things under control. Let me take care of this for you.” Trying to concentrate on the necklace did not help. Her soft and smooth skin steals my attention. I intentionally rubbed the back of my hands on it while I untangle the troublesome necklace off her shirt’s lace. Taking my time...she noticed what I was doing.

“You’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing, panget!” I laughed. “I'm already doing you a favour. Don’t be so ungrateful honey.” And I continued working on the necklace.

My body pressed closer to her. My front pressing behind her. But she did not let go. She shifted her head to her right, and I took it as a sign. I kissed her neck gently for a few good minutes, sliding my lips on her skin, smelling its lovely scent, and letting my tongue work a little. Soft moan freed from her lips. My hands stopped working on the tangled necklace and moved to her waist and held her closer to my body... enough for her to feel my proud manhood. I wanted to do more. Want her all mine. Just mine. I moved my hands and cupped her breast...enveloping it completely made her moan a bit louder, “Hush baby...” I softly told her. I turned her to face me and kissed her on the lips...hard...just like how we do it in my apartment. My hands now working on her behind, caressing it the way she desire –softly and lovingly. Slowly, I moved my head downward without lifting it from her skin, so I can smother her neck, and slowly worked my way down her chest. That was one of the moments that make me wish I did not let her go. She was all mine before. But not anymore. I was so stupid to let her go.

Her phone rang and she jerked away. She fished her bag and took her phone. She gave me a very familiar look before she answered her phone. The same look I have seen so many times.

“Hello...hello....yes?...ahmm....ok...I am out with a friend...ok......ok.........stop it............ok...pick me up tonight at 8. OK...ok...bye.”

“I need to go. I’ll meet him tonight. He’s sorry...and he’s crying.” She said.

As usual, I gave her an Ok-nod to make her aware I understand.

“So when will I, your surrogate boyfriend, see you again?” I asked her.

“Stop being sarcastic. We’ll see. Bye for now.”

She didn’t even tell me if she’ll go to the party or not.

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Copyright © 2009, Yffar Edlacer, All rights reserved

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