Sunday, March 1, 2009


Ok…chances are, if you’re reading this, you want to know more about me…or you just want to check if I have written another nonsensical stuff . I'm not complaining.  That’s what blogging is for, right? It would beat the purpose of posting it online if I won’t let anyone read it. I might as well just write a diary in paper if that’s the case.

Usual blogs begin with a primer about the blogger. I have been blogging for ….aahhm….more than 3 years now, but I have never thought of writing a good primer about me. But it’s never late to describe myself. I am lazy… I am so fucking lazy there are times when I don’t want to move at all. Ok, so that gives a bit info to digest. When someone asks me for my stats, I usually laugh in their face. One thing, number’s don’t describe the important parts of me, at least, not the truly important parts of my being. I am a nice guy, and I think that’s what matters. Never dare ask about my weight because you’ll never-ever get an honest answer. Ok… for those who haven’t seen me in person, I am like the ugly version of Buddha without the wisdom. (But I'm not that big, ok…yes, I stock, but not fat!) A very special someone used to call my extra-baggage “love-handles.” You see, there are ways to describe unpleasant things in a nice and more acceptable way.

Ok…moving onto smaller topics, here’s a list of things that describe and interest me…in no particular order:
  • Lazy (already mentioned)
  • Computers (on them almost day and night….waaaah…someone got to get me off them, pls..!!!!)
  • Reading (John Grisham‘s, Mitch Albom‘s, Neil Gaiman, and other local writers)
  • Guitars (got an acoustic Lumanog guitar and a Fender Stratocaster - Squire Series, Made in Mexico! Originally released in the 70‘s.)
  • Drawing (I believe I was born with the talent to draw but I do not really use it. I used to draw with pencil and charcoal. I might get into it again.)
  • Music (I can listen to almost anything but Pinoy Rap! All are crap!!! Except Francis M - he‘s good. I have written a few songs. One of them almost made it to the semifinal-selection of the Himig Handog Lovesong of ABS-CBN. I was 18 yrs old then. - yabang lang, haha)
  • Foods (I LOVE eating.  Pizza and fries and ice cream and fruit salad)
  • Chocolates (no particular brand…but anything that is made from chocolates are a real turn on -from chocolate bars to cakes to drinks)
  • Beer (I used to drink every other day. But now, because of my limited budget I am forced to do it once a week. When in bars, I drink nothing harder than Vodka-tonic.)
  • Sweat (Yes, I sweat easily, specially my hands. It’s like 2/3 of my body is made of super-active sweat glands.)
  • Haircut (I used to cut my own hair, but just last month I decided to give it up for the mean time - I had a professional cut my hair - for a change)
  • Naruto (that‘s my favorite Japanese cartoon at the moment - used to be Samurai X. If I will describe myself - I am more like Shikamaru and Gaara. A hybrid of those two.)
  • Boring (In general, I am wearingly dull, repetitive and tedious. But I can be fun with fun people. It depends on the people I am with)
  • Photography (not a professional photographer but I like taking photos with my old Nokia N73‘s 3.2 Mega-pixel Camera. I might get a real camera soon.)
  • Love-sick Pup (it says it all)
  • Sex (sometimes)
  • Single (very much available…any takers?)
That’s a fair-late start, but there’s more out there. More things to learn and discover about me. Ask questions as you want and I’ll answer them as best as I can. However, I do reserve the right to not answer.
I am thinking of going back to school to finish my Mechanical Engineering degree. I remember someone told me before...
“You better know what you want to do with your life first before you get myself involved on your fairytales of a perfect life. No one can make your life perfect except you! Do not be content with what you have, shake your life up a little bit. Grow up and move on, not for me, but for yourself!”

I cried after that.
Yeah, another thing, I cry as easy as I laugh. And I hate it.


Chingoy said...

intersesting bro... :)

music lover din ako...
at may conmpositions pa (yabang lang) heheh

Yffar said...

ako din po may mga compositions, but I stopped writing songs a long time ago, when I started working. but from time to time may mga natitipa parin ako ng hindi sadya habang tumutugtog ng gitara, yun lang walang time para tapusin. XD

salamat po pala sa pagbisita. XD


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