Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sketch of Nothingness

It has been a while since i last held a pencil, not to right someting on a paper, but, to draw. I know I can draw, but I pretty much ran away from it because of my hands (this is a secret that only a few friends know: my hands are always sweating up a storm.) Disgusting, yeah. That's why I always have at least two handkerchief with me.

I'm still contemplating whether to continue my Mechanical Engineering degree, or enroll myself in a different course. I don't know, but I'm afraid to go back to Mapua. I'm afraid I've already forgotten a lot, like, eerrr....what's the earth's gravitational force again? It's 9.81m/s/s! (9.81 meters per second-squared...and I looked it up on the internet. Cheater.) My classmates who copied on me during exams are now licensed engineers. Had I continued my studies, I think I had a big chance of passing the board. But that was before. That was way back 2003-2004. I'm like totally clueless now on how Eintein's Theory of Relativity works.

I was considering enrolling in Creative Writing in UP Diliman, like my friend Tobey, but I realized I'm not really that much of a writer. I mean, I realized serious-writing is way-way over my intellectual capability, so I have decided to take it off my would-be-list. Tagalog: "Ako'y sadyang baguhan lamang sa larangan ng pag-susulat, at inaamin ko na ako ay wala talagang angking talento sa larangang ito. Ang nakasulat dito ay, aking inaamin na, pawang mga wala sa tamang porma, at madalas ay lumalabag sa batas ng balarila." Fuck that! Haha! That was already in Filipino but my writing still sucks. Eeeeewww.

Well, getting back to drawing, I am now thinking of enrolling in the School of Fine Arts, maybe in UP or UST, if my good-hearted sisters will help me financially (hope they get to read this). Teee heee heee! XD Ok.... I know my drawing also sucks as much as my writing, but it might just work for me.

Few of the drawings I made using charcoal and graphite:

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Need to decide what I really want to do in life. Bye now.

Note: The first pic that appears above (Titled, The Inner Beauty) is an original of J.D. Hillberry. Ginaya ko lang, syempre mas maganda yung original, kulang ako sa gamit eh, hehe.

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