Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's in the blood! [on being hot and rich]

Went out today with Creamer and watched the Twilight Saga, Eclipse.  Teee heee! XD.  I haven't read the novel (never will), so as expected, I bugged creamer with many questions while we were watching the picture (thank you so much Creamer for the patience. XD)  We also watched the New Moon when it was shown last year, but, honestly, I don't remember much about the movie.

I'm not going to write a review about Eclipse.  Pfft, many already did and I don't want to add up to it.  I liked the movie, but it's not really the best.  Disney-Pixar's animated movie, UP, still tops my chart.  [Errr, what's the connection?].  Quite a few quotable quotes, but the one I remember the most is, "I am hotter than you.", Jacob to Edward.  Haha, o sige ikaw na hotter!  He actually meant warmer, as in body temperature, not the other hotter that you have in mind now. 

Nasa dugo lang yan! (It's in the blood!)

Was watching TV Patrol earlier and one of the news was the recent list of Forbes Asia's Richest Men in the Philippines.  Henry Sy, still, is the richest with an estimated net worth of $5 US Billion (woooohoooooo!!!), followed by Lucio Tan with $2.1 US Billion, and John Gokongwei Jr. with $1.5 US Billion.  Geez....What are they going to do with that money?  Today's exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollar = 46.4900046 Philippine pesos.  If we do the math, $5 US Billion is equivalent to Php232.45 Billion.  Imagine that!  If I were Henry Sy, and let's say, if I were to live another 100 yrs, (given that each yr has 365.25days, and assuming that the exchange rate remains the same in the next 100yrs), I could spend up to 6,364,309.00Php each day!  That's spending around 265,179.54Php every hour in 100 years!  The total population of the Philippines is estimated at 94,013,200 million according to National Statistics Office.  With this data, Henry Sy can give Filipinos 2,450.00 Php each and still live with Php2.1 Billion.  Holy flying cow! 

That was just here in the Philippines.  Just imagine if we talk about the richest man in the world.

In my current financial and economic status, I effing envy Henry Sy! @_@

We have a copy, at home, of Entrepreneur Philippines' "Success Secrets of the Country's 50 Top Entrepreneurs".  Of course Henry Sy is in the book and I learned a few facts about him.  Chinese immigrant Henry Sy came to Manila from China (where else) before the second World War.  He was only 12, and his family had no money when they migrated  He only started attending formal school when they got here.  Yep, he was already 12 when he started Grade one.  He entered college at age 26, but because of his booming buy and sell business at that time (selling shoes, I believe), he had to quit college after two years, and concentrate on his business.  Now, he's (dyaran!) the Asia's shopping mall king, and one of the planet's wealthiest people. That's a real rugs-to-riches story.  And more than 40 years after he quit college, De La Salle University conferred on him an honorary doctorate in business management in 1999.  He was already the shopping mall king before he got his doctorate.  You see, not having a formal college education is never a hindrance to become financially successful.  (So yeah, quit school jerks!  Stop wasting your time!  Diploma is just a fucking piece of recycled paper that doesn't really hold a meaning! - ok, now this is just a joke.  A college degree is always a plus).  Success came to Sy only as a result of hardwork, and errr....I do not know. @_@

Here's a Golden Rule according to Henry Sy: 
There is no such thing as overnight success or easy money.  If you fail, do not be discouraged; try again.  When you do well, do not change your ways.  Success is not just good luck; it is a combination of hard work, good credit standing, opportunity, readiness and timing.  Success will not last if you do not take care of it.
-Entrepreneur Philippines' "Success Secrets of the Country's 50 Top Entrepreneurs".
Henry Sy (ID photo, hehe)

I'm feeling inspired now.  Teee heee! XD  But wait, how come the richest men in the Philippines are Chinese (Sy, Tan, Gokongwei,)?  What happened to the many intelligent and hard working Filipinos their age? @_@

Siguro nasa dugo lang talaga.  (Maybe it's in the blood.)

Well, I'm going to bed now and dream of sleeping in bed of billions of dollars with Ashley Greene (Alice in the twilight saga, just so you know) in my arms. Teee heee! XD

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