Thursday, July 1, 2010


Been doing some jogging-slash-walking for two weeks now; 2 hours everyday. Ok, I admit, it's not really everyday, but every other day.  But I'm getting there.  Used to do it every day last year till I became totally lazy and stopped hitting the pavement.  And so, I must call this my-second-attempt-to-achieving-fitness.  Teee heee! XD.  Mind, I don't plan to be slim or have a well-defined abs like those gayish-models, of Bench underwear, that every woman swoon over.  Arrggh, for chirsake!  I just want to be healthy and lose weight. That's just it.

I started taking a new route in my jogging last week. I used to just jog-slash-walk around Camella and Pleasant Village, maybe less than half-a-mile walk, then head back home. But now, from home, I walk down to Pleasant Village to Bayanan, and walk the National road to Festival mall (stop over at 7-11 at Festival to get something to drink), and walk around the Filinvest Corp City to The Palms, till I reach RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine), and do some more walking-slash-jogging around the area before going home. I walk no less than 2 miles each day!

Ah-huh! XD

The only hard part of what I'm doing is waking up - which is a real drag. Ugh. While I was jogging the other day, I found a few interesting things which I was able to take a few shots of, with the help of my 3yo N73's 3.2MP camera.

Here they are...


Above is a picture of an old (and very creepy) abandoned building located at the back of Festival Mall in Alabang.  It's just across Ospital ng Muntinlupa, which is a hundred and some meters away from The Asian Hospital.  I've been around Alabang all my life, but that was the first time I saw this building.  What makes it even creepier, aside from the broken glass windows and the peeling paint on its walls,  is the statue of a woman in front of the building; which appears to me like a naked, virgin, young woman bound and restricted at a pole affixed to a stone image of what seems to be the devil's skull.  Its face has an unfinished hasty look, although its breasts and vulva and body were curved with elaborate care.  I was imagining the virgin was stabbed a few times to bleed, and the blood rushed from its flesh down to the bottom of the devil's skull where her blood was collected as a sacrifice and offering to the gods of the underworld . After an ample amount of blood was collected, the virgin was put down to the ground; and was further abused like a sex doll bathing in its own blood, fucked in its cunt and mouth and ass...all at once...and finally, killed by slitting its throat slowly with a knife made of stone, till the head fell off from its body, and blah blah blah... Ok, I'll stop here. My imagination is gross, sorry.   If you know what this building is, please let me know. XD


This is a mini waterfall I discovered near RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine).  The Road to RITM, from The Palms, is like a mini-jungle, except for the asphalt road.  Speaking of of the jungle...
Next picture is a dead snake, which I suspect as a young reticulated python.  It's not small.  Its body is thicker than my chubby thumb, and estimating its length, it's probably more or less 2-foot long.   I wonder what happened to it. 


And here's another picture of a dead creature from the mini-jungle of Alabang.  I'm sorry about the quality of the photos, mind, I am using a cellphone-camera.  Its color almost blend with the asphalt, but try to look at it closely and you'll realize it's a dead turtle.  Looks like it got run over by a car.  Poor turtle.  It looks small in this photo, but it's shell is actually bigger than the size of my palm.  If I will include its protruding head to its lenght, it is probably 7in long.

I also wanted to take some photos of the dead frogs on the road (frogs....they're many!), but I assume you wouldn't want to see them.  Tomorrow is another jogging-slash-walking day for me..  Who knows, I might find a tiger, or maybe a lion, this time.   I just hope it's a dead one.  XD


Tobey said...

haha! interesting.:p you should've taken a closer picture of the woman in offering. fucking creepy.:o i wonder who she is, what happened to her, and why in the world does she have a statue.

ako rin! gusto ko magjogging! gulay nako dito after nung naospital ako. I can't climb just yet and I feel like my muscles are atrophying.

wala nako fb!XD it stinks! sayang oras dun, panay kalechehan lang naman. harhar

Yffar Edlacer said...

haha, nakakatakot kayang lumapit sa building. mukang hownted. haha. aha...kaya pala 190 na lang friends ko sa FB, 191 pa yun the last time i checked. nakakabagot nga mag-jogging mag-isa eh. :(

Tobey said...

san banda yan? kaya nga hindi ako makapagumpisa, walang motivation pag walang kasama. :o

oi may bago kang site sa wordpress? sayang naman laman nito...

Yffar Edlacer said...

dito lang ako sa alabang nagjojogging. Masarap magjog inside Filinvest Corp City. Malawak kasi mga daan, at may shortcut papasok sa village namin. ako nga rin, tinatamad ako minsan kasi nga wala akong kasama. iba kasi yung may kasabay ka sa jogging, nakakalibang pag may kausap, tipong magugulat ka na lang, "uy, naka 2miles na tayo!" hehe. May ginagamit akong device called pedometer, which tracks the distance traveled, and estimated calories and fats burnt - mukaang useless invention naman, pero ewan kahit papano namomotivate ako pagnakikita kong gumagalaw yung distance, nakaka-inspire haha - so may use din pala sya sakin.

oo may new site ako sa wordpress, hindi ko pa nga nalalamanan yun eh. pero hindi ko naman isasara to - ito parin official site ko. yung wordpress ko, pang mga shit moods ko lang yun. XD

shit napahaba reply ko! haha XD


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