Friday, July 23, 2010

PRESENTING: Mon objet d'art!

FYI: The title is a French phrase for "my work of art".  Ok...I will try to make this post as short as possible. Gawd. Tamad. I just really want to show you guys what I have done so far with my new hobby. I started learning oil painting sometime last week. Yeehee! XD I didn't take any formal lesson, mind. I just made a few research on my own about oil and acrylic painting, studied it, bought the basic tools, and started hitting the canvas a day after.

I've already tried doing some sketches using charcoal and graphite before. I believe I posted some of them here. Anyways, since I have nothing better to do at home aside from growing hair and belly and digesting a few of Neil Gaiman's (geeez...It has been almost a month since I started reading the American Gods and I've only finished half of the book to date), I decided to start a new hobby, which is painting. How did it start? Hmmm.... A friend invited me to see her friend's exhibit last June in Yuchengco Museum in Ayala, and then early this month I also got invited to see another exhibit of Manuel Garibay in Boston Gallery in Cubao. Well, to make the long-boring-story short, I got inspired seeing all those paintings. Though not really good, I knew that I can draw using pencil, but I never actually tried handling a brush and using oil and acrylic paints. Well, I did some water coloring in elementary but that doesn't count. And so, after buying the basic tools (which are quite expensive, especially the brushes and paints), I started to, errr, you know, play around with it. I didn't want to waste the paints as they are really expensive, so I decided to do a simple design that any elementary kid can do using crayons. Below is the first (ever) painting I did. Notice the contrast in texture of each color (naks, may paganito-ganito pang shitness, akala mo professional, haha).

(no title yet..)

(dyaran...naks, hehe)

Paintings are supposed to be titled, but I don't know what to call this one yet. I'll give it a name someday, don't worry. This is a simple design painted on a 10 x 14 inch pre-stretched white canvas, which is already primed. Skilled painters normally prepare their own, but for beginners like me, you can get a primed and ready to use canvas at any National Book Store. I started this using acrylic paints on the first layer (this is some tip I found on the internet) so it dries easily. On the second layer, I used oil paints with a bit a linseed oil and liquin original to make the oil flow smoother (I was experimenting so i tried using both). The rule here is "fatter-over-leaner". That means the oil paint on each layer should have more volume than the paint below it. I had to let it dry for about 5 days before I started on the third layer...and dyaran...that's it! XD Simple, but it's something I can definitely hang on my wall.

Next is my second painting, and ahem...I never thought it would turn out this good. (Drum rolls please....)

(no title yet.  not bad for a beginner, eh?)

Okay, I know it's not the GOOD good, but hey, I never painted before and this is just my second work! And yes, I am proud of it!  Like the first painting, I also do not have a name for this yet. This is oil on 15 x 20 inch pre-stretched white canvas. The first painting, which is very plain and simple, took me more than a week to finish. But this painting, which I did just this afternoon, only took me about 3 hours (let me hear you say, "What?!"). Unlike the first painting, which was done by layers (I do not know what technique it's called), I used the "wet-on-wet" technique on this one.  I watched some learn-how-to-paint videos in youtube and that is where I learned about this wet-on-wet technique. I love the clouds and the mountain on this painting. I wanted to make the mountain bigger but I was afraid I might fuck up (thus wasting the canvas and the oil - which means wasting money), so I decided to make it small to be on the safe side.  I was just experimenting.  Believe me, even I was really amazed that my first landscape painting didn't look bad (pretty good for a beginner like me, huh? teee heee!). XD  I would have to let both paintings dry thoroughly, maybe wait for 5 or 6 months, before I can put on varnish to protect it.

A friend in facebook once said I have so many talents - hmmm. I told him I'm an apprentice of many things but master of nothing. Which is true. But heck, I have talents! Weee! XD

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