Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sabado, July 03, 2010 ()

Left home at quarter to 5 for my morning walk, and decided to take my jogging-route the other way around.  From home, I walked down the road to RITM - only to find out that their gate doesn't open till 6am.  Arrggh. Hence, I went back and took the original route. Its just the same distance anyway.  It's not their main gate that connects RITM to our village, just so you know.  It's just a small gate at the rear part of RITM, only passable for humans (and acting-humans).  I believe RITM is paying some amount to our Home Owner's Association so their employees and patients (usually suspected SARS, aH1N1 and other viral and diabolically-threatening-disease carriers) can pass through our Village.  Why am I telling you these?  Errr...sorry, just lack of interesting info to share.

Wait, where's my "Congratulations-You-Posted-4-Entries-in-Just-One-Week" banner shitnitz here? Haha.... I really don't have much to talk about at this early morning, but I got nothing better to do so I might as well type something.

I don't feel like blathering today.  Here are some photos instead, which were taken earlier this morning during my walk-slash-jogging.

  • South Super Highway, a few minutes before 5am.  Crossing the bridge over SLEX, going to Bayanan.

  • Filinvest Corp City now.  I just passed the Asian Hospital and the creepy abandoned building.  (Why did I not take a photo of the Asian Hospital?)

  • Signage already says where this road is going, duh.  Where else....

  • To the jungle ..... at 5:27am.  Weather was perfect!

  • Some flower-bearing tree along the road.

  • A building in the middle of the jungle?  Hmmmkei, it's not some building.  It's RITM.

  • Sunrise at 5:48am.  It was supposed to be bright and beautiful, but the true colors didn't show.  Arrgh.  The photo appeared darker because of the sun's reflection.  This photo was taken using my 3yo N73 phone, not some expensive dlsr, hmmmkei?!  My phone's camera can adjust to the ambient light source, but duh, I'm jogging... I don't have the time to reduce the exposure setting.  Point and shoot.

  • The Palms Country Club a hundred or so meters away.  (I've been here twice during CVG-Alabang's Christmas party, 2007 and 2008)

  • Do I need to tell more?

  • Finally, home!  Hahaha...ok, this is not ours.  Teee heee! XD  This is just some house I passed by while walking back home.  I thought it deserves a picture.  I'm going to rob this house build myself a house like this someday.  Teee heee! XD

Gawd....I'm tired.  Expect more pics in the future.  Ok, I'll bring a real camera next time. XD  Meme taym. Z.

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