Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blah for 10/24/2010

Had no internet connection for a week. How's that? Pfft.

Glad I'm back, whoooopeeee! XD haha!  Cracked a few books during my temporary internet hiatus. Read Smaller and Smaller Circles by FH Batacan, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, and finally finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Well, I didn't go online today to make a book review - but let me tell you, all these books are worth reading!  F.H. Batacan is a Filipino, and her novel, Smaller, won the 1999 Palanca Grand Prize, just so you know. Half of my book collections are by Filipino Writers; this is the least I can do to support the local writers.

I've been blogging since 2005, as far as I remember, and I admit, I'm a bad blog-parent. If my blog were a plant, it would be dead by now!  I guess that explains why I have had quite a number of blogs in the past. I started with Yahoo360 Blogs, then moved to Friendster, then went back to 360, then moved to Wordpress, and currently with Blogger. I still have another wordpress blog to this date, where I originally wanted to throw my rants and emoish-litany-blahs. It's my 2nd year anniversary with blogger in January 2011 and I will try to stay longer.  Been following a few blogs religiously and most do not know I am stalking them. It was only lately when I started leaving comments in the blogs I visit - and it was fun! I get to interact with people I do not know, and I get to hear what they have to say about things and life in general.  Lately I realized that nobody's following my site.  Sheeesh.  2 years in my new dot com yet no loyal follower, hahaha, what a pity! Actually, it was only a few months back when I added the Follow Me widget on the side of this blog. I was selfish and wanted to keep this blog from other people. I remember some bloggers, before, asking for x-links, which, to be honest, I didn't really understand.  I mean, I don't get their point.  Those blogs who I think are worth reading are the only ones I added. Them adding me to their's didn't really matter. I never really wanted anyone to read my blog - which defeats most bloggers purpose of putting up an online blog. Crazy, I was, huh?

But things are different now. So yeah, you are now allowed to stalk me blog. XD

I was contacted by a friend in the US, and was told I have a small package to pick up in QC.  First time for me to receive a package from the US, and I am sooooo excited!  I asked what it was but I was told it's a surprise.  Parang birthday ko lang, hihihi! XD  Sana panay chocolates ang padala, teeee heeeee!  I lurve chocolates!  Haha... parang bata ang potah. XD  Thanks Jaime!

That's the Blah for today...byerts now. XD


Jepoy said...

correction naka link ka sakin. At binabasa ko ang blog mo dito sa blogspot since first entry. Kaya wag kang umarte.LOL

Yffar said...

hahaha, sorry naman pareng jepoy, at salamat! XD

Mal said...

im a follower kaya...what do u think of me? aarte arte nito.ahahahhaa.

keep blogging lang...theres always someone out there reading even if its a nonsense shit.


Maldito said... send hindi pa tapos yung comment ko sa taas...pasensya...excited..

Yffar said...

@maldito - hahaha, tamang arte lang naman. XD salamat!

glentot said...

You really don't want anyone reading your blog? Why?

Yffar said...

@glentot - crazy, eh? haha.. well, that was during my emoish-blah days. i'm over that phase now. just discovered recently how blogging can be a good source of new friends. XD

gillboard said...

ayan nakafollow nako sayo. wag na drama. hehehe

pag chocolates yan, penge!!! :)

Yffar said...

@gillboard - hehehe, salamat. XD naku, hindi tsokolates eh. pang Art Attack pala ang package (which is better), hehe. XD


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