Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Early Christmas Gift, yeahbah!

Whoooo peeeee! :-) What a great day it was for me! I mentioned in my previous post that I have a small package to pick-up in QC. Well, I got it this afternoon. *insert-happy-dance-here* All the while I thought I was gonna get some chocolates or something usually given as pasalubong (like a shirt or a bottle of  perfume), but to my surprise I got something even better!

I got these...
Not chocolates, but better. XD

This is from Sir Jaime, from Seattle, WA, whom I have known online for quite some time. It's just soooo kind and soooo generous of him to give me all these - a set of acrylic and oil paints (big tubes), paint brushes of different types and sizes (total of 40 brushes!), a brush cleaner, acrylic mediums, 2 palettes and a palette knife, colored pencils, a calligraphy kit, 2 Books, and more.  The wood palette and some of the brushes were actually made in China.  Funny that they had to travel to the US only to be sent back to Asia. When I saw the entirety of what I was told to pick up, I was like - "are you serious you're giving me all these?"  What I received was way greater in quantity than what I originally purchased when I started painting a few months back.  This is an early Christmas gift!  Ang dami-dami at amoy Seattle, Washington pa! Hahaha.

*Thanks again Sir Jaime, I really appreciate everything!  May God bless you and your loved ones!  Btw, thanks also to your daughter and her secretary for being nice when I came to pick up the package (I'm just quite disappointed they didn't offer me anything to drink - hahaha, NO - just kidding sir!)  Ang bait-bait nyo po, I'll buy you lunch when you come over Manila next year.*

Now that I got big tubes of paints, I just need to get some pre-stretched canvas so I can get back into painting. I'm aware I'm not a schooled artist and I never took any art lesson before, but some say I'm doing pretty good for a newbie (LOL yabang lang). And as a learning painter, being restricted by perspectives and shadows is something I don't want to get myself into. That's why I identify with folk art. My instinct to paint and my will to learn are greater than my inhibitions about painting, and I guess that's one good quality I have. Yes people, I paint from my heart (drama ang potah, haha). There were even nights before when I got so engrossed in painting that it was 4am before I realized the time. That's how much I enjoy doing it. Much like having sex, you know. Hahaha, just kidding. Sex is better.

Recently I realized how blogging can be a good source of online friends, but that would be impossible if I continue writing emoish-blahness, which nobody really wants to read. Come on, the world's already full of shit and negative vibes and I no longer want to add up to it. But, errr, bad things do really happen sometimes, so I still might throw some of them here unconsciously (and consciously). This is MY blog, bite me. Oh well, I am, again, speaking in paradox, haha. Kidding aside, should bad things/news/experience come my way, I'd just let it go. Much like reading a book - turn the page when it's done.

I find blogging now a bit of a challenge, but I'm up for it. I mean, I want to thrive on the challenge to write something that people will enjoy, and learn and benefit from. Not a small thing, I know.

That's all for tonight. Byerts people!


Jepoy said...

ikaw na!

Maldito said...

ayan...happy post na..hindi na emo. yahoo..ahahaha..ang saya mo naman pala magsulat pag happy ka e..parang si jepoy lang..walang space ang sadness...char.

pakilala mo nga ako sa kanya..mahilig din ako magpaint e...hehee

ayan...pag happy ka happy din ang readers..gawin mong topic ang talent mo dito sa blog mo..pakitamo sa amin paintings mo ha..

Yffar said...

@jeopy - ako na nga, haha! XD

@maldito - gusto ko yang sinabi mong walang space for sadness. XD yan naman si jepoy eh talagang batang-masayahin, kaya nakakahawa ng happiness ang pagbasa sa blog nya, pati sayo. wala talaga akong talent, arte-arte lang, haha. XD


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