Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Still sad.  Pfft.  This is the n'th time I said the first sentence.  Soooo redundant.  I wanted to write about something happy but I just don't have any good news to share.  My mojo has lost its power, everything's fucked up, and I can't fucking swallow it.  I know everyone has his own share of dilemmas, so I am not complaining.  Errr.... I better stop now before this post turns into another boorish-emoish-blahness.

I'll be back when I have better things to say.

Blah for now.


gillboard said...

replying to your comment on my blog. (btw thanks for visiting and following).

payong blogger lang, write to express not to impress.

5 years na akong nagsusulat, and not all those times ako nagkaroon ng mambabasa. ;)

you'll get your mojo back.

kakabisita ko lang dito, naghiatus ka na. :)

Yffar said...

that's what I actually do - i blog to express myself. magpa-impress, errr, it's not me, hehe. parausan ko lang to ng mga ideya na hindi ko maikwento sa ibang tao ng personal. and for me, this is the most liberating thing to do. thanks for the advice though, i appreciate it. XD

babalik din ulit ako with a new post pag may good news na ako. the world is already reeking of bad news and i don't want to add up to it. nasabihan na ako minsan na nakakahawa ang pagka-emo ko - at yun ang gusto kong iwasan. XD

salamas sa pagbisita. XD

Maldito said...

one thing you really really dont have to do is to ignore the feeling of have to embrace it but dont dwell on it that much..we need it to balance things up. OK? cheer up.

tama si gillboard (weeh?!) dont write to impress..

thanks pala for adding me..i added you din sa reader ko.

Yffar said...

welcome to my blog! wala lang, hehe. sang-ayon ako sa sinabi mo. salamat din maldito! XD


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