Friday, November 12, 2010

Blah for 11/12/2010 [Myself, birthdays, and stumbleupon]

It dawned on me just now that the post prior this is equally self-centred as the rest of this blog. I was this - I was that - I am blah bah blah sheeesh blah, and that. MEEEEEEEE.......

Don't get me wrong. The idea of telling parts of my life's story isn't bad. In fact, much has been said in this blog about who I am/was. It's the frequency of doing it that makes me a little sick now. How poor can that be - I'm sick and tired of me own stuff, pfft. I don't want to talk about myself anymore, but, errr, I don't have any other news to share neither. And that's what the problem is - I want to get this little psuedoworld going as part of my fresh-new-start-blah but I don't have enough coins in hand. Bad news, I sure have a couple, but this is not the right place to rant about them.

Now I think I am ranting again. Sorry.

Btw, It's my father's birthday on the 14'th - just a little info for you to digest. I miss him. I think my life would have been better if he's still alive. That I'd be better in making choices and in setting my priorities if he was around during the critical moments of my life. My life is a total bullets (bs), though, I am now on the process of pulling myself back together. Pfft...I better stop now before this turns again into another emoish-blah.

It was my yougest sister's birthday last Nov. 9, geee - I forgot to mention it here. Until now I feel bad that I wasn't able to contribute anything on her birthday. I'm sorry, panget.

Oh (insert-yellow-light-bulb-here) - i got something to share! Just the other day, I stumble upon this website called stumbleupon. Go check it! (Note: Don't laugh if you've been introduced to that site a long time ago. Please understand I only learned to use the computer last month and that site is completely new to me.) It is pretty useful especially during idle moments, when one has nothing better to do. The site allows its registered users to pull up random websites related to the interests they marked during the account set-up. I found some cool websites, and they're just soooo effing cool I'd rather not share them here. Go try it!

What else, errr, I guess that's it for today. Let's call this a post. Byerts! XD


lio loco said...

go out and explore the world - live, learn, love - and i'm pretty sure you'd be able to tell us a lot of interesting stories.

i know that site a few years back and yeah, it does feel good to kill the time when you tinker on that site. you discover a lot of things. i'm not laughing.

Maldito said...

happy bday sa dad mo....lets move on nalang na wala sila...wala na rin dad ko, and I moved on na....katakot naman kung bumalik pa sila..aahahhaa..

Yffar said...


live-learn-love (go out and explore the world) - this makes a good title for a self-help book! lol XD thanks dude!


mala-night-of-the-living-dead yun pag nagkataon, lol. XD salamat sa pagbati sa dad ko, eh sa kapatid ko walang belated? hehe. XD

glentot said...

Wow. You learned to use the computer just last month?

Yffar said...

@glentot - you're kidding, right? XD


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