Friday, November 19, 2010

Bored? Try this:

1. Go to Google Maps.

2. Click "Get Directions".

3. Type Taiwan as the start location.

4. Type China as the endlocation.

5. Read STEP 24 of the directions.

6. have a safe TRIP!! XD

Saw this on a friend's wall in FB.  You see, may gamit din ang facebook, LOL.

Pero sa step 34 pwedeng mag Ferry. Gagong google maps yan oh. XD

check nyo rin Taiwan to Japan, step 61 (kung may extra time ka pa), kinabog ang swimming. XD


bobot said...

talagang swin pa ha? hehe!

ro anne said...

kulet! lol!

Yffar said...

lokong google maps, lol.

Tsina said...

hahahaha. ayus!!

Dhianz said...

eh.. nde akoh tamad so nde koh gagawin... eh sige na nga try koh.. maybe... hmm.. naligaw ditoh galing kay Jepoy.. oh yeah gandang header moh ahh.. pretty cool! ingatz... Godbless! -di

Dhianz said...

pretty funny.. i tried it... 35 days nd 18 hours... i tried united states to Japan... philippines sana pero nde kaya ni google maps... haha... daz is so freakin' cool nd funny ren at d' same time... i ain't gonna travel dat way.. haha.. natawa lang... ingatz... Godbless!

glentot said...

Hahahaha challenging!!!!! Sino man ang gumawa nun, I hope he tried it himself.

Anonymous said...

hindi nga halatang bored ka, raf. gusto ko kasi atlantic ocean ang lalanguyin ko. lol!

Klet Makulet said...

wala sana akong balak gawin kasi tinatamad ako kaso nacurious ako hehehe ang kulit. Salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko :)

Pamela said...

hi there!

thanks for visiting my blog. :)

you might as well visit my other blog, which i often post. :)


by the way, have tried that google map thing and yeah, it's funny especially the part where it says "swim the pacific ocean." :D

Jag said...

hahaha adeekkk!!!kulet


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