Monday, November 8, 2010

Sy - wannabe

I've been trying to set myself in the mood for a fresh start. Getting a new job and updating and refreshing this blog, as well as the other, is part of the fresh start I am aiming. Keeping two blogs at a time is not a small thing. Why I am keeping two blogs is, errr, none of your effing business - haha, just kidding. While I am keeping two blogs, I still don't think it's being redundant (for one, my other blog is still almost empty). Things that I normally do, and normally happen in my everyday life, will be posted here. The other side of me, pfft - and all those emoish-litany-blahs, will be thrown in my other blog. Emoish shits and rants and the sort of - you know. Honestly, I really don't want to do that anymore, but if it can't be helped, then it can't be helped. If I'd have some shits to rant about in the future, then that's where it would go. That's proper segregation of garbage.

Goals have been set and I just need to work on them, even little by little. Getting a new job tops my goals, resigning afterwards follows (haha, kidding). I'll try to stay longer in my next job. Sometimes I wish I were born rich so I could do and buy everything I want for myself and my family, or, at least everything we need. My mom got mad at me one time when I jokingly asked her to return me to my real parents (I was referring to Henry Sy's son - if ever he has one, i don't know). But of course it was all just a joke. I'm my parent's biological son and I'm not complaining (never will).  It's just that, I think I'd be happier (correct term is more satisfied) if we were rich. Who wouldn't be? Ang swerte ng mga apo ni Henry Sy di ba, kahit tig-i-tig-isa silang mall kayang kaya, sobra pa, pfft.

To those who are expecting to get their 13th month pay this month, or in Dec - screw you, jerks!!! Hahahaha.... I'm not bitter or anything, I swear. XD

Dati ginagamit ko lang pamaypay ang pera...! XD

I know I am going to get a new job before the month (or year...waaah) ends... God is preparing the perfect job for me and I can feel it materializing. Ang kumontra mamamatay!  Hehe... Joke lang, konsensya mo na lang bahala pag kumontra ka (kokonsensyahin ka ng konsensya mo hanggang mamatay ka). XD

This doesn't make sense anymore. Byerts now! XD


lio loco said...

can't blame you if you post your sentemotional shits here.

during the earlier parts of my blogging, i did the same thing in my blog. and while some still frequented and read all my emoish litanies, i realized that everyone's life is already one big piece of sentemotional shit. so why should i add up to it? then again, i still post some melancholic litanies every now and then because i just feel like doing so.

point is, if you feel like you need a little outlet to vent out your anger, frustration, hopelessness and whatever shitnitz you may encounter in the near future, i think you should be free to post it in your blog - if it will make it a little less bearable for you. this is your blog, after all.

now on the matters of jobs and 13th month pays, i bid you well on your new career opportunities. and oh yes, i'll be getting my first 13th month this 15 as an overworked, underpaid cpa in some ayala auditing firm. cheers!

Maldito said...

sige ikaw na ang mayaman..ikaw na ang ginagawang pamaypay ang amin kasi ginagawa naming doormat yan eh.

i cant wait to for this year to looking for a new career too..kaya 13nth month..please dumating ka na..ahaha

glentot said...

Haha gawain ko rin magpicture taking ng pera ko noon!!! Akala ko unique ako hindi pala ahahaha

Yffar said...

@lio - very well said , i couldn't agree more. and thanks for wishing me good luck. XD

about being an overworked and underpaid employee, i think that's everybody's issue, haha. magpainom ka pag boss ka na! XD

@maldito - mas sosyal pala kayo eh, ako pamaypay lang, haha. bakit ka lilipat ng work? pag-isipan mong mabuti. mukang malaki-laki ang 13th pay mo ah! XD

@glentot - last yr yan na pic, 25K yan pero parang konti lang sa pic. gusto ko subukan sa susunod mag pa glam-shot habang nakahiga sa pera. XD


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